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Lieksa will enchant you

Lieksa is full of nature and culture. The high hills of Koli, sparkling lake surface of Pielinen, the flow of the Ruunaa Rapids – the fascinating nature scene of this tourism-focused town calls to you! Lieksa Brass Week and the Pielinen Soi chamber music festival offer heart-stirring cultural pleasures.

Lieksa provides great variety of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Active nature lovers will head for Koli National Park and for the marked trails of Ruunaa hiking area. The paddler’s dream is located in the river Jongunjoki or the rapids of Ruunaa - the latter of which also has guide services and equipment available. The lake Pielinen offers outstanding fishing waters, as do the Ruunaa rapids and small woodland ponds. The peace-loving nature observer can spend a night out in a wildlife observation cabin in Uuronlampi and observe bears or wolverines in their natural environment.

Shooting the Ruunaa Rapids in either a wooden boat or a rubber raft is and has been a must for every visitor. Delicious wilderness lunches and the sweet heat of a smoke sauna are a great finish to an action-filled day. An experience to try as well is relaxing while floating in a rescue suit in cool water. The Ruunaa Visitor Centre provides versatile services in summer. Families with children may spend their day in the countryside experience farmstead of PikkuKili exploring exotic Finnish animals and fishing from a small pond. Children’s Day in the Pielinen Museum allows families to dive into the fairytale-filled past of the locality.

Timeless wooden sculptures by Eva Ryynänen are on display in Paateri, her artist's residence, and historical buildings may be explored in the Pielinen Museum. You can also hire a multilingual guide to make the most out of your visit.

Lieksa Brass Week, held on the last week of July, is an absolute must for the music lover. The whole city will be pulsating with brass music.The climax of your summer day will definitely be a boat cruise from Lieksa to Koli across the sparkling Lake Pielinen. The hills and terrain of  Koli are a dream destination for nature lovers and culture trekkers.

The holidays spent in Lieksa are refreshing and relaxing, each one of them!

Welcome to Lieksa!

Total area4067,60 km²
Population11400 inhabitants
Distance to Joensuu95 km
Distance to Helsinki529 km