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North Karelia is a part of the Lakeland Finland. Joensuu is the regional hub of North Karelia, located approximately 400 km to the Northeast from Helsinki. Read more about the most convenient ways of reaching our destination and Finnish Lakeland.

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A man snowshoeing in snowy forest

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Have you always wanted to try Finnish sauna, ice fishing or snowshoeing, but you are not sure where and how to do it? Or would you discover the best starlight tours and hidden gems in North Karelia?

Our local guides will help you and familiarize you to Finnish culture in the Lakeland region. Find the best activities from the online shop and explore Finland by doing. Let’s go on an adventure!

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Frozen lake and snowy forest

The best of North Karelia

Where can you go nowadays to escape from the concrete walls and traffic jams of the big city, without winding up in overcrowded tourist resorts?

Is there anywhere where you can spend a holiday which really does get you “away from it all”? If you are looking for a different type of holiday, then North Karelia might be just the right destination for you.

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Find your nature

In North Karelia you may spend a relaxing holiday in a traditional holiday house located by a lake. The Finnish national landscape that opens from the oldest bedrock of Europe, Koli hills is of course something that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. For nature lovers the four national parks of our region offer great trails for day-hikes.

Nature attractions

Cooked meat with seasonal vegetables

Karelian culture in two ways

Karelian flavors

North Karelia is a great destination for food enthusiast. You´ll find authentic flavors and experience how food is prepared from what the lakes and forests offer during different seasons. Autumn brings to table all harvest delicacies with the combination of soft and sour flavors. Forests are also full of tasty berries and mushrooms waiting for someone to pick them up.

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Karelian culture

Karelian culture is not just about food. Our region can tell you many interesting stories about orthodoxy, rune singing, war history, karelian traditions and other characteristics of life between East and West.

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Hotel room in Sokos Hotel Kimmel

Stories of Sustainability

Here in North Karelia our actions rely strongly on sustainability, and we are proud of our unique nature and culture. Are you aware, how differently companies can take account both ecological, social, economic, and cultural aspects of sustainability in their businesses?

A series of articles presents sustainable stories behind North Karelian companies, which have received Sustainable Travel Finland label from Visit Finland. Familiarize yourself with the businesses and follow their journey on the sustainable development path.

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Tänään juhlitaan yhdessä 30 vuotta täyttävää maakunnallista matkailuorganisaatiota VisitKareliaa (ent. Karelia Expert Matkailupalvelu) sekä kunnioitettavat 130 vuotta täyttävää Pohjois-Karjalan matkailuyhdistystä! 🥂

Tervetuloa seuraamaan juhlaseminaaria etäyhteydellä:

▪️ 12.00 Juhlaseminaarin avaa ”Pohjois-Karjalan oma ääni” Sami Kuronen sekä Pohjois-Karjalan maakuntaliiton yhteyspäällikkö Jarno Turunen

▪️ 12.15 Hyvä elämä ja matkailun murros, Ilkka Halava, tulevaisuustutkija

▪️ 12.50 Pohjois-Karjalan matkailun historia, Sirpa Sulopuisto, tietokirjailija

▪️ 13.10 Paikallisen kulttuurin merkitys kansainvälistyvässä maailmassa, Jussi Makkonen, sellisti

▪️ 13.30 Veila - maailman ensimmäinen yhteiskanteleyhtye

▪️ 13.40 Kahvitauko ravintola Kerubin kellarissa

▪️ 14:25 Maailmalta takaisin kotiin - meidän erityislaatuinen Pohjois-Karjalamme; sen matkailupotentiaali nyt ja tulevaisuudessa, Ulla-Maaria Koivula, ThingLink, Puulaakso

▪️ 14.45 Miksi hankkeet ovat haastavia matkailussa? Juho Pesonen, Matkailuliiketoiminnan professori, Itä-Suomen yliopisto

▪️ 15.05 VisitKarelian ja Pohjois-Karjalan Matkailuyhdistyksen tervehdys, Anna Härkönen ja Anton Sutinen

▪️ 15:10 Paneelikeskustelu aiheesta: Tehdään yhdessä Pohjois-Karjalan matkailun tulevaisuus! Paneelissa mukana Ilkka Halava, Ulla-Maaria Koivula, Jussi Makkonen, Sirpa Sulopuisto, Juho Pesonen ja Jarno Turunen. Juontajana toimii Sami Kuronen.

▪️ 16:10 Loppuyhteenveto ja päivätilaisuuden päätös.

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🌿 Koli National Park was awarded as the Domestic Destination of the Year at the Finnish Travel Gala late on Friday night. 👏🥂🎉

According to a statement from Metsähallitus, the winner was chosen based on a public vote.

The view from the top of Koli overlooking Lake Pielinen captivates visitors to the national park year-round. Rolling, spruce-covered hills, lush groves, and colorful meadows invite you to hike in Koli. While hiking on Koli`s hills, you`ll see both old forests and well-maintained cultural landscapes. The rich natural and cultural heritage of the national park, year-round nature experiences, and 80 km of hiking trails in stunning landscapes keep visitors coming back to Koli again and again. 🏞️

Photo: Max Härkönen

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