Shopping in North Karelia

Would you like to go on a little shopping spree in North Karelia? Get inspired, favour the local shops and boutiques and grab something to give to loved ones at home or for yourself to commemorate your memorable trip in the region of North Karelia.

Joensuun Taitokorttelin sisäpiha ja ravintolat

Thinking about souvenirs?

Are you looking for inspiration for shopping during your visit? From North Karelia you can find local product shops and boutiques to fit any taste.

For example the centrally located Taitokortteli is a great spot for finding handicrafts, decoration and gift items.

Local food products

North Karelia is known for its unique and traditional Karelian cuisine and bubbly hospitality.

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Would the folks back at home be interested in organic bee farm honey from Lammu or wine from the Hermanni Winery in Ilomantsi?

Local boutiques

Have you been thinking about handicrafts, decorative items, gifts or possibly ceramics? In the North Karelia area you can find a wide variety of products offered by shops. From the options below you can go directly to the websites of the local boutiques.


Taitokortteli – Cultural block

Art and culture | Joensuu

Taitokortteli is a tourist, handicraft, and cultural block in the city center of Joensuu. Here you can visit various small boutiques and shops, enjoy tasty delicacies in café and try your skills in handicrafts. Also, the beautiful milieu itself is definitely worth to visit.
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Market hall Joensuu

Market hall Joensuu

The Market hall Joensuu is centrally located at the market square of Joensuu. The services of the market hall include for example local handicrafts and small entrepreneurs foodstuff and cosmetics. Visit Joensuu tourism information can also be found at the Joensuu Market hall.
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A shop with ecological products

Wanhan Koulun Puoti

Good from local producers | LIEKSA

The Vuonislahti village school is originally from 19th century and is now a shop full of local products and handicrafts. There is also a cafe, book store, grocery store and a small pharmacy service point. E.g. Paateri Church and cruise ships to Koli National Park are next to the shop.
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Gallery Savipaja

Gallery and exhibition | Tohmajärvi

In the sales exhibition of Gallery Savipaja there are handicrafted usage and decorative ceramics and gift items. The Gallery Savipaja is located in an old Orthodox Petravaara village about 16 kilometers away from the center of Tohmajärvi. The exhibition and the shop serves outside of th eopening hours according to requests and is well suited for groups.
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Local foodstuff products

Finland is known for its pure and healthy food culture. Go explore the local foodstuff products in the area. In the options below you can find local food- and drink item providing companies and more information.

Wine barrels in a storage

Hermanni Winery


Hermanni Winery is located in Ilomantsi and produces high quality sparkling wines, wines, liqueurs, and spirits made of natural and aromatics Finnish berries. There is also Winetower where you can see the views over beautiful landscape.
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A bier of Koli Brewery

Kolin Panimo Brewery

Goods from local producers | KOLI

Kolin Panimo Brewery produces good quality beers, ciders and wines inspired by national landscapes of Koli. These specialties are for sale only in few places and of them is Kolin Panimo Shop in the Stonevillage, in Juuka.
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A local fish shop

Puruveden Savukala

Goods from local producers | KESÄLAHTI

Puruveden Savukala is a family run local fish smokery in Kesälahti, Kitee. They sell local fish products and the most famous one is salmon prepared with cold smoking. You can find these products also in supermarkets from Joensuu to Imatra.
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A miniature railway museum


Museums and exhibitions | LIPERI

Lammu is an old farm in Liperi where you can familiarize yourself with local culture and habits. They also have one of the largest N scale model railroad layouts in Finland and a grandma’s farm museum. In Lammu is possible to accommodate and buy organic honey. They have services also in German and English.
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