Welcome to North Karelia!

North Karelia in Eastern Finland is a place where you can travel safely and enjoy pure nature with all your senses. We have here a lot to see and do! Discover our top attractions like Koli National Park and Valamo Monastery, spend a comfortable holiday in a cottage by a lake, book memorable experiences and activities online and taste traditional and delicious flavors of Karelian cuisine. Enjoy your summer 2022 in North Karelia, Finland!


Top attractions

North Karelia is a province of over 2000 lakes and 24 000 holiday cottages. Come here to explore the beautiful nature destinations, to enjoy delicious flavors of Karelian cuisine and to learn more about traditional Karelian culture.

Just to name few, our top attractions are Koli National Park, Valamo Monastery, Parppeinvaara Rune Singer’s Village, Bomba Karelian Village, and city of Joensuu. In addition, we have three other National Parks – Petkeljärvi, Patvinsuo and Kolovesi. Discover the must-see attractions but also our hidden gems.

What to experience in North Karelia?


Cottage holiday by the lake

In North Karelia you can overnight for instance in cottages and in holiday resorts. Do you prefer staying in city center or want to experience unique Finnish nature and lakes in the middle of forests and countryside? We have alternatives for everyone, find your favorite!

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Mökkilife – what is it?


National Parks in North Karelia

Pure nature, thousands of lakes, tranquility and countless hiking trails make North Karelia as a dream destination for hikers. In North Karelia we have four unique national parks – Koli, Patvinsuo, Petkeljärvi and Kolovesi. In addition, Ruunaa hiking area provides great circumstances for hiking, fishing and rafting.

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Caravan and camping

Do you prefer staying in the heart of the cities or want to explore the real nature of North Karelia? Here we have different alternatives for caravans  and campers but also something for them, who likes glamping with all facilities.

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Biking trails in North Karelia

Here we have great opportunities for mountain biking and chilly Sunday cycling. North Karelia has over 200 km long contiguous path network and also several other biking trails around the province. Get on your bike and ride through North Karelia!

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Book activities online

Find experiences and activities in North Karelia region online! Have you always wanted to try Finnish sauna, take a fishing tour on a lake, or explore National Parks together with local guide? Now you can easily find and book activities and enjoy holidays alone or together with your friends and family.

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Karelian cuisine

Have you already tasted Karelian pasties or other traditional pies and pasties with natural flavors? Karelian food tradition has strong roots in the nature of North Karelia. Karelia à la carte combines the best aspects of traditional cuisine with more modern tastes and seasonal ingredients.

The taste of North Karelia