The taste of North Karelia

Karelian food tradition has strong roots in the nature of North Karelia. Karelia à la carte combines the best aspects of traditional cuisine with more modern tastes, laying stress on individuality in preparation and taking the fullest possible advantage of seasonal ingredients.


Food from nature

Variety, abundance, nuance – three key words in the Karelian kitchen, typically based on local products such as fish and game, forest mushrooms and berries. Favorites include a bewildering variety of pies and pasties with names such as sultsina, tsupukka, pyörö, piirakka, kukkonen and vatruska.

Food and culture along the Via Karelia route


Karelian pasties

Karelian pastries (karjalanpiirakat) are traditional pastries originating from the Karelia region. This rye crust, rice filled pasty is loved by Finns all around the country. It is a perfect salty snack, breakfast, evening snack or side dish. Spread egg butter on top of your oven fresh pasty and your perfect snack is ready.

Bake your own pasties


Karelia à la Carte

Throughout Karelia you will spot restaurants and country inns bearing the ’Karelia à la Carte’ signs, a guarantee of genuine Karelian cuisine, an unique combination of western kitchen with influences from Russian kitchen and Orthodox traditions. Karelia à la Carte is a sign of high quality and local flavours.

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