Discover the biking trails in Eastern Finland

In North Karelia we have various biking trails both for mountain bikers and easy Sunday cyclists. Are you interested to make a day trip, a longer bike tour through North Karelian wilderness or overnight in guest houses and ride along countryside with lake views? Here we have something for everyone. Get on your bike and discover the paths of Eastern Finland!

River Pielisjoki and the city of Joensuu

Joensuu Trails

In Joensuu region there are over 200 km paths for biking and hiking. The path network consists of four different route entities – Kinttupolut Trails in Liperi, Kontionpolut Trails in Kontiolahti, Lykynlampi Trails in Joensuu and Harjupolut Trails in Lehmo, Kontiolahti. It is a unique path network both in Finland and in Europe.

All the trails are marked with different colors and have information signs along the routes. In total there are 16 different campfire sites, several service providers and rest stops, which will complete the bike trip.

Map of Joensuu Trails

The path of silence in Bomba

Kontionpolut Trails

Kontionpolut Trails in Kontiolahti have four different circle routes which are suitable for mountain biking, running and walking. Two trails – Salpalinja Winter Trail and Stadium Winter Trail – are also open in wintertime. Trails are connected to Jaama Trail, which is 60 km long circle route and to Koli Path, which is 63 km long and leads to Koli National Park. Good starting points for Kontionpolut Trails are for instance the harbor of Kontiolahti and Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium. There are several campfire sites, toilets and shower available in the region.

The map of Kontionpolut Trails

A forest path

Kinttupolut Trails and Pärnä Bike Park

Kinttupolut Trails in Liperi have in total 65 km paths both for bikers and hikers. Kinttupolut has seven circle routes with different lenghts from 4km to 16 km. There are multiple parking areas, campfire sites and toilets along the paths. Trails are also in connection with the path network of Joensuu Trails.

The map of Kinttupolut Trails

Pärnä Bike Park

Pärnä Bike Park in Liperi is a downhill biking area with four different trails both for professionals and beginners. The park is only 15 km away from the city center of Joensuu. There is free parking area, shower, toilet, drinking water and campfire sites.

The map of Pärnä Bike Park

A happy group of bikers by the lake

Bike tours on lake landscape

8-day bicycle tour in North Karelia

During this 8-day bicycle tour you will explore the nature of North Karelia, idyllic shops and cafés, homemade Karelian food and several cozy guesthouses. The roads and sights are in the region of Nurmes, western side of the Lake Pielinen. The total length of the tour is 150-170 km depending on your own choices.

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Cycling tour around the Lake Pielinen

This cycling tour goes around the Finland’s fourth biggest lake, Lake Pielinen. In total the distance is 250 km and along the route you can stop by for instance in Koli National Park and Bomba Karelian Village. There are several accommodation options and restaurants available.

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A calm lake with the reflection of rocks and trees

Mountain bike tours in Lieksa

The Karhunpolku mountain bike trail runs from Patvinsuo National Park through the wilderness to the Ruunaa Hiking Area in Lieksa. This 140 km long trail provides unique views with several marshes, hills, duckboards and coniferous forests. Multiple fireplaces, free cabins and service providers will complete the trip. Along this trail you will also find battle sites from the Second World War.

The Karhunpolku Trail

The Ruunaa Hiking Area provides outstanding opportunities both for biking and hiking. The trails go along the Ruunaa rapids and show the beautiful side of Finnish forests. This route is optimal for one day trip as it is only 26 km long.

The Ruunaa countryside route