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Have you tried before snowshoeing on a frozen lake or enjoyd snowy landscapes on sled dog safaris? Here you can admire starry nights, northern lights, and moon rays on the glistening snow. Winter nights in North Karelia are full of magic. In North Karelia, you have opportunity to spend time with sled dogs and discover winter wonderland in Finnish wilderness. Popular skiing tours from guesthouse to guesthouse in Nurmes introduce you to Finnish culture and winter activities. In addition, you can spend relaxing time in cozy guesthouses and taste local flavors without rush.

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Snow Fun in wilderness

Gliding snowshoe hiking

It is nice and smooth to move in snowy forest with gliding snowshoes. A local guide will teach you how to walk or glide with snowshoes and shows the most beautiful sceneries of wilderness. This hiking trip in Kitee will take 2-3 hours. After hiking there will be snacks by the open fire.

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Kicksledding on ice and snow

This three-hour guided tour in Kitee introduces you the secrets of kicksledding on ice and snow. During the safari you can enjoy the beautiful Karelian wilderness. Service available in Finnish, English, Swedish and German.

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Explore Koli Hills with gliding snowshoes

Enjoy the national landscape of Koli and snowy forests with gliding snowshoes. The tours are 2-3 hours and are suitable for guests over 15 years old. A normal physical condition is required.

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Cozy accommodation and sled dog safaris

If you want to combine a location middle of nowhere, a cozy accommodation and sled dog safaris in wilderness, then Eräkeskus Wilderness Lodge in Lieksa is a perfect match for you. They provide all-inclusive packages from couple day trips to one-week tours with fluffy dogs. Service available in English and German.

Spend Christmas or New Year with sleddogs

4 days & 3 nights – Kaleva package


Frozen lakes and starry nights

A week on an island

Spend a memorable week in Villa Raita on an own island in Rääkkylä. The week includes accommodation, guided skiing and snowshoeing on the frozen lake and meals. Possibility to learn more about Finnish culture and daily life in North Karelia. For extra fee you can try ice fishing or bake Karelian pasties with local guide.

From January to March – 8 days & 7 nights

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Starlight tour in Koli

In Koli National Park you can have a guided tour up to the Hills to admire winter nights with millions stars. If you are lucky, you might spot northern lights over Lake Pielinen. During the tour, the guide will tell stories about Koli’s history and culture. Also, a cup of a hot drink is a one part of the tour.

Starlight tour in Koli National Park

A man skiing on the frozen lake

Skiing tours for beginners

Smooth landing on skiis

If you have not been earlier on skiing tour or your skiing skills need to be updated, this tour might be suitable for you. This guesthouse to guesthouse skiing tour in Nurmes includes skiings lessons, a short Finnish course, several sauna experiences, delicious food and nice accommodation in three different guesthouses.

In February – 8 days & 7 nights.

Introduction to cross country skiing tour

Shorter tour in winter wonderland

This shorter skiing tour includes as well accommodation in three guesthouses, opportunity to visit sauna and meals in every destination. Daily skiing lengths are between 15 and 25 km. Note that this tour is self-guided and previous skiing skills are required.

In February and March – 4 days & 3 nights.

Short skiing tour from guesthouse to guesthouse

Happy skiiers on the lake

Skiing tours for experienced ones

Traditional skiing tour from guesthouse to guesthouse

Enjoy shiny weather, glistening snow and frozen lakes while skiing from guesthouse to guesthouse in Nurmes. The tour will be guided in English and in German. Be ready to ski 10 to 25 km per day. Previous skiing skills are required.

In March – 8 days & 7 nights.

From guesthouse to guesthouse skiing tour

Skiing tour with Karelian culture

This skiing tour combines two cozy guesthouses, Karelia á la carte dinners, relaxed skiing, sauna and accommodation. There is also possibility to spend extra days in Karelian spa hotel in Bomba, Nurmes. Tour is self-guided.

In February and March – 5 days & 4 nights

Karelian skiing tour

Wool Sock Run at Koli

Unique Wool Sock Run at Koli 4.3.2023

This Wool Sock Run at Koli is something very special you do not want to miss out. Wear warm wool socks and enjoy the playful atmosphere in snowy Koli National Park. After the race warm soup will be served and sauna is available for those who want to visit it. Also, the best race outfits will be rewarded!

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Picture: Villa ORA’s