North Karelia, Finnish Lakeland

The Eastern Lakeland Finland, North Karelia is famous for its unique culture, food traditions and magnificent nature attractions. There are about 2000 lakes and 24 000 holiday cottages, majority of which are located by the lakes. In North Karelia people are living in harmony with nature and long traditions from both Eastern and Western cultures can be seen in everyday life.


Unique culture

North Karelia has many images in people’s minds. It is known as the land of music and songs, in the forests of which almost constant wars for independence of Karelia had been going on for centuries.

The rich culture of North Karelia will excite everyone. According to your choice, unique folk runes, local cuisine, handicrafts, the development of industry, transport, arts as well as many wars of the region will be of special interest. Museums, theaters, churches and religious places are open for their viewers and worshipers.

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Treasures of nature

The landmark of Lakeland and North Karelia is the famous Koli hill, located in Koli National Park. The views that open from the top of the hill towards lake Pielinen have inspired many Finnish artists, such as Jean Sibelius.

All around the region you will discover thousands of lakes and pristine forests that offer many exciting activities. The legends and myths upon which the world-famous Kalevala Epic is based are originally from Karelia region. The region is still today known as the land of bears and wolverines. Wildlife watching and photographing is a popular activity among both international and domestic travelers.

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Authentic flavors

Karelian kitchen has roots in natural, local products and seasonal ingredients. In North Karelia you will surely find a mixture of traditional cuisine and a more modern way of cooking. In restaurants of North Karelia you´ll find on your plate a unique combination of food traditions from both East and West.

Have you ever tasted rye crusted, rice filled, Karelian pasties? If your answer is no, remember to put that on your bucket list when you plan your trip to North Karelia.

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Experience a holiday home by the lake

Are you dreaming of a relaxed stay in the middle of silence? Then a cottage holiday would be just the right choice for you. Holiday homes in North Karelia are varying from basic log cabins to luxury villas. In North Karelia there are 24 000 cottages. Rent one and you´ll surely experience one of the reasons why Finns are the happiest people in the world!

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