Get inspired by the stories of our guests

Have you heard before about Heavy Metal Knitting, New Valamo Monastery or the guesthouse to guesthouse tours in North Karelia? If not, now you have possibility to discover something new and start to plan a trip to North Karelia, Eastern Finland.

Several international journalists, bloggers and social media influencers have paid a visit here in North Karelia, Lakeland Finland. Each of them had unique experiences and unforgettable memories. Get more inspiration from the articles and plan your own trip in Eastern Finland. The first part of the stories is in English and rest of them in German. Enjoy the journey through North Karelia!


Stories in English

In the following articles you will learn more about the Orthodox and Karelian culture in North Karelia. Also, unique events like Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship is arranged here. What is that? Find out while reading the article!

The Guardian – Valamo Monastery

Fox News – Heavy Metal Knitting

Retkipaikka – 7 ways to experience North Karelia on horseback

Retkipaikka – The Guesthouse to Guesthouse ski tour in North Karelia

The Guardian – By train from Helsinki to Nurmes


Stories in German – Culture

What are the 10 highlights in North Karelia, what to do in the city of Joensuu and how to get the most out of local culture? Read more to get inspiration. The following articles and video are in German.

Sojombo – Karhufestivaali, Ilomantsi, Nordkarelien

FinnTouch – Faszinierendes Nordkarelien – meine 10 Highlights

FinnTouch – Aktivitäten in Joensuu – 7 Tipps für Nordkareliens Hauptstadt

FinnTouch – Nurmes – karelische Kultur, Relaxing und mehr

Klaus Herzmann – Kulturort Möhkö

Finntouch – Finnische Seenplatte: Roadtrip mit dem E-Auto

The main church of Valamo monastery

Stories in German – Orthodox culture

Learn more about Orthodox culture, tranquility and easy way of living. Also, get to know with Karelian pies and Kantele. The following articles are written in German.

FinnTouch – Bezauberndes Ilomantsi – Kantele, Kirchen & karelische Piroggen

FinnTouch – Das Kloster Uusi Valamo – zur Ruhe kommen inmitten der Natur

Two hikers on the top of Koli

Stories in German – National Parks

Koli National Park is the most visited nature destination in North Karelia. Also, Petkeljärvi National Park is one of the four national parks here. Jump into the nature tour! The following articles and videos are in German.

Andrea Ullius – Pielinen See und Koli Nationalpark

Sojombo – Im kleinsten Nationalpark Finnlands – Petkeljärvi

FinnTouch – Naturwunder Koli – Urlaub in Finnlands Nationallandschaft

Klaus Herzmann – Sommerwandern im Petkeljärvi Nationalpark

Preparing coffee by the open fire during the sunset

Stories in German – Nature attractions

Here you have possibility to watch bears and wolverines safely from a cabin. In addition, the wilderness offers various alternatives to enjoy the nature. Read more and get ready for wild experiences! The following articles are written in German.

Andrea Ullius – Abenteuer mit Karu Survival

Sojombo – Mäkrä – Koli-Berge

FinnTouch – 17 Stunden auf der Lauer: Wildtierbeobachtung bei Erä-Eero

Rasso Knoller – Unterwegs im Grenzgebiet

Detlef Berg – Karelien im Rausch der Farben


Stories in German – Karelian flavors

Have you already tasted some local delicacies here in North Karelia? If not, get more inspiration from the following articles. They are written in German.

Sojombo – Kleiner Streifzug durch Ilomantsi

Sanna Wallenius – Nordkarelien: Natur als Inspiration