Finnish Lakeland offers a large variety of healing and recovering effects of Finnish nature. There are very few rules to enjoy Finnish sauna and the most important one is, it has to make you feel good. Also food from pure and clean ingredients and an easy going lifestyle play a big role here. Welcome to relax and breathe the cleanest air in the world.

A couple cruising on the lake


DAY 1 Kuopio airport – Tahko 60 km
DAY 2 Tahko
DAY 3 Tahko – Kajaani – Vuokatti 192 km
DAY 4 Vuokatti – Kuhmo – Lentiira 111 km
DAY 5 Lentiira – Nurmes/Bomba 123 km
DAY 6 Nurmes/Bomba – Koli – Kesälahti 232 km
DAY 7 Kesälahti
DAY 8 Kesälahti – Punkaharju – Savonlinna 67 km
DAY 9 Savonlinna – Sulkava – Imatra 125 km
DAY 10 Imatra
DAY 11 Imatra – Lappeenranta – Taipalsaari – Savitaipale – Anttola 157 km
DAY 12 Anttola – Rantasalmi 101 km
DAY 13 Rantasalmi
DAY 14 Rantasalmi – Kuopio 117 km
DAY 15 Kuopio

Tahko Resort in summertime

DAY 1 Kuopio / Tahko Holiday resort 60 km

Fly to Kuopio (KUO). Drive from Helsinki (HEL) 4,5 hours.

Tahko Holiday Resort is located about one hour drive from Kuopio airport.In Tahko area there are easy paths as well challenging altitudes, steeper trails, far-reaching views and comfortable resting spots, as well as well marked trails which attract visitors to explore.

Bucket list today

Climb on the top of Tahko hill using the longest outdoor steps in Finland! After climbing you can reward yourself with a gentle bath in a scenic sauna and spring-water hot tub. A delicious three-course dinner made with local ingredients will crown the experience.
>> Panorama Bar

Accommodation options:

At Tahko there is a special selection of different kinds of accommodation like hotels, suites/apartments, cottages or luxury villas.
>> Tahko

A man biking on Tahko Hill

DAY 2 Tahko

Tahko Hill offers great possibilities all year round for outdoor activities. In summer time trails are great for hiking, mountain biking and paddling. There’s also a disc golf track and two traditional golf courses with 18 holes.

Bucket list today

Take in the peacefulness of nature and enjoy picnic lunch by open fire in the gorgeous Tahko views. There are several lean-to’s around Tahko area to choose from with different hiking distances. The staff of Break Sokos Hotel Tahko will help you choose the suitable trail for you.
>> Break Sokos Hotel Tahko

Fun e-bike tour exploring the Tahko Mountain Resort. Tahko offers many great and peaceful nature trails for bikers of all skill levels, not to mention the cleanest air in Europe. With the electric bike you will enjoy your entire ride, even the uphills.
>> Tahko Chalet

Restaurant option:

>> PanoramaBar

Steamship cruising on a lake

DAY 3 Tahko – Kajaani – Vuokatti 192 km

Kajaani and Vuokatti provide nature’s beauty and an enchanting Finnish summer by crystal blue lakes. The distance between the two areas is only 35 km. When you arrive in Vuokatti, you will be greeted by the magnificent Vuokatinvaara hill, where you can admire the far-reaching scenery.

Bucket list today

Powered by a real wood-fired steam boiler, the 100-year-old steamship that crosses the surface of the water is an atmospheric environment to spend a summer day on a scenic cruise in beautiful Lake Oulujärvi.
>> Steamship Kouta cruise

Harmony Spa, spa water park and sauna world in Holiday Club Katinkulta is a paradise of pampering and treatments. Enjoy variety of sauna while top your stay with little indulge moment or enjoy 20 different pools, hot tubes and massage showers.
>> Holiday Club Katinkulta

Destination Vuokatti charms with versatile nature activities and wellbeing options. Try fishing, hiking, biking, golf, husky mercedes ride or experience winter in summer in the Ski Tunnel. In hot summer days nothing can be better than dive into water on Hiukka beach.
>> Vuokatti activities

Accommodation options:

>> Holiday Club Katinkulta
>> Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti
>> Hotel Vuokatin Aateli
>> Vuokatti Sport Resort

Restaurant options:

>> Restaurant and Cafe Gastrobar3
>> Restaurant Kippo
>> Restaurant Ainoa
>> Restaurant Haapala B&B

A bear watching behind the tree

DAY 4 Vuokatti – Kuhmo – Lentiira 111 km

The Holiday resort offers heartfelt hospitality and unforgettable nature experiences. Whether an uncompromising wilderness enthusiast or gathering together for relaxation and natural wellbeing, you will sure have a delightful stay in Lentiira and Kuhmo.

Bucket list today

Floating down the Paljakkakoski rapids. Dressing in thermal underwear and a rescue suit with assistance from your guide will keep you safe, warm and dry. Exciting floating in the rapids can be done year round.
>> Floating down Pajakkakoski rapids

Meet with the majestic wild brown bear and other predators native to the wild taiga forest! The hidden stalls offers safe way for wildlife observation and photography.
>> Bear watching evening

Traditional treatments and pampering, such as peat massage and herbal-scented sauna therapy, are available in the skilled hands of a local naturopaths. Comprehensive wellness programs in the spirit of forest yoga and calming down. Also traditional smoke sauna is heated.
>> Wellness at Lentiira

Accommodation options:

>> Lentiira Holiday Village
>> Hotel Kalevala
>> Hotel Kainuu

Restaurant options:

>> Restaurant Pirtti
>> Restaurant Kanteletar

Bomba Spa

DAY 5 Lentiira – Bomba/Nurmes 123 km

Dive into the soul of Finnish Lakeland. Sauna bathing or just sitting by the lake listening to the sounds of nature, are probably the most common ways of meditation in Finland. Slow down, breath in and take some time to find your inner peace. Or just go fishing as the Finns do.

Bucket list today

On the way to Koli, The Hiidenportti gorge with its vertical rock walls and cultural history points along Hiidenkierros trail like traces of tar burning, logging and floating are the few of the National Parks best known tourist sights.
>> Hiidenportti National Park

Make an overnight fishing trip to lake Pielinen or ask for a shorter evening fishing trip.
>> Fishing trip

Relax at Bomba spa by lake Pielinen. If water feels in lake too cold for a swim, sit in hot tub and sip a cold drink instead.
>> Sokos Hotel Bomba Spa

Accommodation options:

>> Break Sokos Hotel Bomba
>> Bomba Karelian Village
>> Paavolan Lomat Cottages

Restaurant options:

>> Karelian summer feast at Guesthouse Puukarin Pysäkki
>> Hotel restaurants at Break Sokos Hotel Bomba

Two hikers on the top of Koli

DAY 6 Nurmes / Bomba – Koli – Kesälahti 232 km

On your way you can visit one of the acknowledged Finnish national landscapes on the oldest bedrock of Europe, at Koli hills. Take a ride on the scenic lift or an easy guided walk around the three tops of Koli. Don’t forget your camera!

Bucket list today

>> Koli Scenic lift
>> Guided tour of Koli tops

Accommodation option:

>> Ruoke Holiday Village

Cooking salmon by open fire

DAY 7 Kesälahti

Enjoy a day by the clear lake Puruvesi. Try fishing from a rowing boat or hire a bike for a relaxing ride. Try some local fish dishes in the restaurant or cook yourself. Maybe also the traditional smoke sauna is heated today! It is a lovely experience for anyone.

Bucket list today

Just lay down on the long sandy beach or in a hammock with a good book.

Lake shore fish evenings, with blazed salmon, traditional fish soup made of “muikku” (vendace) and for the meat lovers, a local speciality pit-roasted meat known as Rosvopaisti, “robber’s roast”.
>> Ruokkee Restaurant

Book a sauna visit to traditional smoke sauna. Compared to the “normal” this sauna is heated with huge logs for 4-6 hours and the heat inside is softer.
>> Traditional smoke sauna visit

Punkaharju Ridge

DAY 8 Kesälahti – Punkaharju – Savonlinna 67 km

Summer capital of Finland, Savonlinna, is Finland’s oldest tourist destination since the 19th century. Its location between East and West has created a unique way of life and culture, and its diverse and dazzling scenery has long drawn in visitors.

Bucket list today

Punkaharju Ridge, The oldest nature conservation area in Finland.

Visit Olavinlinna Castle, the crown jewel of Savonlinna.

Lake cruises are a big part of summer of Savonlinna and its surrounding areas. Try also theamed cruises, e.g. yoga, dinner, mushroom picking, seal watching.
>> Lake cruises on Lake Saimaa

Restaurant options:

>> Restaurant Manson, Punkaharju
>> Crepes Cafe Kalliolinna, Sulosaari island
>> Savonlinna Linnakrouvi Summer Restaurant, in the old town of Savonlinna

Accommodation options:

>> Spa Hotel Casino
>> Hotel Hospitz
>> Boutique Hotel Villa Aria

Pisamalahti Hill in Sulkava

DAY 9 Savonlinna – Sulkava – Imatra 125 km

Sulkava offers diverse opportunities to enjoy nature, the blue, glittering waves of Saimaa, and unique attractions. Climb up to a hillfort, hike through Vilkaharju, row on Lake Saimaa (Sulkava is know of its yearly rowing competition) or just sit by the shore and admire the lake sceneries.

Bucket list today

Genuine country side and Uitonrinne Wooden House Milieu in the centre of the village. Stop by in lakeside restaurants Tiittala Manor Rantamakasiini or Art Deco Hotel & Restaurant.

Scenic route of Vilkanharju (on the way to Imatra) Vilkaharju Nature Trail.

Pisamalahti Hillfort is an Iron Age hillfort rising up to a height of 55 metres above Lake Saimaa.

Accommodation options:

>> Imatran Kylpylä Spa Resort and Holiday Apartments
>> Holiday Club Saimaa and Holiday Apartments

Restaurant options:

>> Restaurants in Imatran Kylpylä Spa Resort
>> Restaurants in Holiday Club Saimaa

A sauna cottage by the lake

DAY 10 Imatra

The Ukonniemi area in Imatra is a perfect setting for a refreshing holiday. Go adventuring with your family in the activity parks. Check the beautiful hiking paths on the ridges by the lake or at the high-quality sports areas. Or swing the golf club while sunbathing.

Bucket list today

Pack your matches and hit the forests from the front door of your accommodation. You are located literally in the doorstep of your adventure. Inhale, exhale, feel yourself alive.
>> Nature trails and sights on the area

Discover Saimaa with an experienced outdoor guide, select your favorite activity.
>> Discover Saimaa

Book a private meal with Tuplakasi-Action guides at ‘Hossukan Helmi’ (The Pearl of Oasis) sauna premises. Enjoy the sauna and various activities.
>> Hossukan Helmi

Accommodation options:

>> Imatran Kylpylä Spa Resort and Holiday Apartments
>> Holiday Club Saimaa and Holiday Apartments

Restaurant option:

>> Vuoksi fishing park

A sauna boat on the lake

DAY 11 Imatra – Lappeenranta – Taipalsaari – Savitaipale – Anttola 157 km

Taipalsaari can be experienced on land and on water. As a starting point for the Saimaa archipelago cycling route, it doesn’t lack landscapes. Further north, also Savitaipale on the shores of Lake Kuolimo offers paths and routes to explore whatever the vehicle.

Bucket list today

Let your eyes drink in the blue lake and its countless islands on a sauna boat cruise. Book your favorite activities on board. Take a bike or a canoe with you. Spend the whole day exploring.
>> The floating sauna Lappeenranta

Take a cruise to Lake Saimaa or to the first lock of the Saimaa Canal.
>> Karelia Lines

Hop on a normal or an electric bike, canoe, SUP or a rowing boat with an electric motor or without. All mentioned can be booked with Saimaa Naturally and Drakkar Sport, with instructions and if necessary, with a guide.
>> DRAKKARsport

Accommodation options:

>> Halla Resort
>> Ollinmäki winery

Restaurant options:

>> Wanha Kunnantupa/ Ulla’s bistro
>> Restaurant Sahrami

A lakeview from Neitvuori Hill

DAY 12 Anttola – Rantasalmi 101 km

Magnificent sceneries, good location by the Route 62 , diverse services and oppotunities for activities make Anttola a perfect place to spend a holiday. The best parts of nature and Lake Saimaa as well as services are available for everyone.

Bucket list today

Neitvuori peak in Anttola; The Hiidenmaa trails along the border between Mikkeli and Juva take you to the tallest peak in South Savo, Neitvuori, which offers a splendid view over the terrain around Luonteri.
>> Neitivuori Hill

Sightseeing cruise on Lake Saimaa with an electric Ecoboat is a unique experience! A friendly skipper tells you stories about the lakes while you enjoy the nature with all senses.
>> Ecoboat sightseeing cruises in Puumala

Accommodation options:

>> Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän
>> Kuru Private Resort

Restaurant option:

>> Sahanlahti Resort

Spa Järvisydän

DAY 13 Rantasalmi

The village of Rantasalmi is located in the shores of Lake Saimaa and Linnansaari National Park, the home of Saimaa Ringed Seal. Besides of the lake nature, you can relax and pamper yourself in the Spa Hotel Järvisydän or private Kuru Resort.

Bucket list today

Saimaa Ringed Seal Watching Trip in Linnansaari National Park.

>> Champagne Cruise – Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän

Relaxing in the Lake Spa & Sauna at Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän.

A woman lighting a candle

DAY 14 Rantasalmi – Kuopio 117 km

Bucket list today

Hop-on Hop-off in Kuopio; get acquainted with taste and water by Hop-On Hop-Off bus and boat. The bus runs between Kuopio’s most important tourist destinations five times a day
>> Hop On Hop Off bus and ship

Bellanranta; area for versatile activities, like citygolf, padel, trampoline area, ekarting, SUPboarding, paddling and wonderful sauna paradis Kuopion Saana.
>> Holiday resort Kuopion Saana

Jätkänkämppä (Lumberjack’s Lodge) offers you an opportunity to experience a traditional lumberjack atmosphere of the 1950s in an authentic setting. Experience smoke sauna, traditional dinner buffet and live Finnish folklore music.
>> Smoke sauna with traditional Finnish buffet

Accommodation options:

>> Scandic Hotel Kuopio
>> Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi
>> Lapland Hotels Kuopio
>> Boutique Hotel Sawohouse

A forest with autumn colors

DAY 15 Kuopio


Fly to Helsinki (HEL). Drive from Kuopio 4,5 hours.


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