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Silent Moments at Guesthouses

kaki.1.jpgSilence is a journey towards simplicity and clarity. It helps us to discover the profound things that really matter in life. The present day is characterised by an interest in silence. Withdrawal is necessary, because it enables us to get a grip on our increasingly complex, challenging and confusing lives.

Silent Moments at Guesthouses

Take a break from day-to-day life to simply be and peacefully listen to your surroundings and yourself.
A three-day stop in a silent inn is an opportunity for rest, spending time outdoors, guided light exercise, delicious local food, relaxation for mind and body, and for actively listening to the sounds of silence.
Visitors can also pre-book massages and other treatments for an additional fee.

Prices from EUR 270/person, 2 days, Fri-Sun (groups of 4-12)

Puukarin Pysäkki Männikkölän Pirtti Majatalo Pihlajapuu
Kestikievari Herranniemi Möhkön Manta Möhkön Rajakartano Maukkulan Mustikkamäki Elontila Karelia Cottages


Puukarin Pysäkki, Valtimo
• Laitalan Lomat, Valtimo
Männikkölän Pirtti, Nurmes
Majatalo Pihlajapuu | Äksyt Ämmät, Nurmes

Kestikievari Herranniemi, Lieksa
Möhkön Manta, Ilomantsi
Möhkön Rajakartano, Ilomantsi
Maukkulan Mustikkamäki, Ilomantsi
Karelia Cottages, Varpasalo, Rääkkylä



Reservations and further information:
Karelia Expert Matkailupalvelu Oy
Puh. 050 336 0707


Majatalo Puukarin Pysäkki
Laitalan Lomat
Laitalan Lomat.jpg
Männikkölän Pirtti
Majatalo Pihlajapuu
Karelia Cottages
Kestikievari Herranniemi
Möhkön Rajakartano
Möhkön Manta
Maukkulan Mustikkamäki
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