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Silence Travel Services Rääkkylä



kaki.1.jpgWhen on a silent journey, you will hear stories of the eccentric personalities who used to live in the nearby villages, capricious animals, people’s relationship with the forest and their beliefs, legends of lords and fools, famous local artists, local soundmarks and the sound of history.



Water Orienteering Trail on Lake Saimaa

The Suursaari orienteering trail is 20 kilometres long, with 9 targets. You can take a day or even two to explore the waters of northern Saimaa lake district, on the border of two cultures. If you are lucky, you may spot a ringed seal. The islands invite you to stop for a bite or drink, lure fish or try geocaching. If you prefer to do it a two-day tour, you can camp in a lean-to shelter. The round trip starts and ends in Suursaari. The tour can be done independently or with a guide. If the weather is windy, rowing or canoeing on an open stretch of the lake requires experience. The tour can be shortened to suit less experienced rowers and paddlers.
Prices from EUR 80/person, incl. a canoe/kayak/rowboat, an orienteering map with GPS coordinates, safety instructions (in Finnish, English, German or Russian); guides can be hired for an extra fee.

Under three bridges, night outdoors

Complement your holiday with an interesting canoe or rowing boat trip across the scenic islands of Northern Saimaa! A round trip over two days takes you under three bridges into the labyrinth of Oravisalo and Varpasalo islands. The route is suitable for beginners, families and experienced paddlers and rowers. It can be done independently or with a guide. On the route, you will learn where the ore was found that led to the establishment of the Outokumpu copper mine. Evening meal is served outdoors by open fire. You spend the night in an open shed or tent in a private nature reserve. In the morning of day two, you can explore the Apajalahti nature trail and see one of Finland’s most prominent common alder woods. With a bit of luck, you may catch some fish for your lunch. You might even spot a ringed seal. Time: 1 June – 31 August
Prices starting from EUR 143/person, incl. kayak/canoe/rowboat, safety equipment, foods, a guide or maps with safety instructions (groups of 2–6 persons)


Reservations and further information:
Karelia Expert Touris Service Ltd

Watercolour weekend
On this course, everyone can paint! Spend a weekend painting with watercolours at the Raita villa. On the watercolour painting course at Raita, you paint in the midst of the nature, under the tuition of a professional. You get acquainted with the equipment and various techniques of watercolour painting. You can combine watercolours with pencil, felt-tip pen or charcoal drawing. The inspiration is provided by the surrounding nature, both the landscapes and the exquisite details. For landscape painting, you learn about the impact of light on colours and shades. The idea is not to produce photographic paintings, but to concentrate on finding a relaxed approach and the individual art of painting for each participant.
Price: EUR 277/person, incl. a weekend in the Raita villa in twin rooms, instruction, materials (groups of 4–6 persons).
Additional services: artists with a DIY meal package EUR 327/person, with meals EUR 380/person. Instructor: painter, Master of Arts Auli Partio. The course can also be arranged on weekdays.
Private Island on Lake Saimaa

How about a holiday on a breathtakingly beautiful island on northern Lake Saimaa, in a modern archipelago-style building sheltered by 100-year-old trees? Here, you can find room to think, relax and recharge your batteries.
Three days in the world of Karelian pastries and the traditional Finnish instrument, the kantele, include time for relaxation outdoors and learning new skills. The programme includes a kantele workshop, learning to play the kantele, a Karelian pastry workshop, excursions, exercise and time for yourself. You can also book additional days.
Prices from EUR 570/person, incl. accommodation in twin rooms or on a sleeping loft. Meals, instructed kantele and Karelian pastry workshops, relaxation exercises and excursions into the surrounding wilderness.
Three-day packages available throughout the year, except in the summer from 15 June to 31 August and during the Christmas season from 15 December to 10 January (groups of 4–6 persons).

Koli is the national landscape, national park, a tourist area, downhill and cross-country skiing destination, the highest point in southern Finland, a geological landmark, the merger of Finnish culture. site tells about the area's services, offerings and events.
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