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Silence Travel Services Lieksa - Koli



The Finnish people highly value nature as a place of silence. Silence is often perceived as part of the great, wide outdoors in their natural state. Nature’s sounds are often thought of as pleasant sounds of silence. By going outdoors, we can enjoy silence, listening to the small sounds of nature. When was the last time you heard the sigh of the wind, the lapping of the waves, your own breathing or the rustle of fir needles under your feet?




Nature as a Source of Strenght
This excursion provides an opportunity to forge a close and deep bond with nature through sensory exercises, alone and in small groups. During these exercises, visitors will have the chance to enjoy Koli’s landscapes. This excursion mainly follows the trails of Koli National Park, but exercises occasionally lead visitors away from the paths. In addition to sights and sounds, the participants experience their surroundings through touch and smell, allowing nature to spark off their inner creativity. Exercises performed during the excursion may strengthen your bond with nature. You can also repeat the exercises later, in the forests close to your home, in public parks or in the wilderness.
Times: 15 May - 30 June and 1 August to 30 September.
Price: EUR 25/person (minimum group size: 5 persons)


•  Photographing and Watching Wild Animals in Silence
If you sit patiently and quiet as a mouse in Erä-Eero’s observation lodge, you are likely to see and hear the wild animals that roam the area. You can see wolverines or bears, wolves or lynxes, beavers or some large birds such as the goshawk or a golden eagle, and plenty of smaller birds and mammals. You can spend your night safely in the scenic surroundings of a year-round log cabin, where you can also eat and sleep.
Price: EUR 180/person for photographers, EUR 130/person for others, including evening and night snacks and an indoor toilet. (for groups of 1–20 persons)

•  A Magical Night around the Campfire
Would you like a glimpse back in time, to what life was like for Finnish hunters? Surrounded by the scent of burning wood, spending a night by a campfire is an exotic, peaceful silence travel product for those seeking exotic but tranquil experiences in the lap of nature. You will have a rounded experience of spending a night in the wilderness, including activities such as building a lean-to shelter from spruce branches, setting up a traditional Finnish campfire, cooking traditional food outdoors, listening to tales of the wilderness, and observing nature from the warmth of a campfire.
Prices from EUR 125/person, incl. everything except the visitor’s personal clothing, which should be suitable for seasonal weather conditions. (for groups of 8-15 persons)

•  Silent Floating Alone or Together
Relaxation floating in the Lieksanjoki river, for you or your group
May–September 2015
Price: EUR 70/person, incl. suit, instructions, riverside sauna.
Suit sizes from S to XXL


Further information and reservations:
Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
tel. +358 400 175 323
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