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Silence Travel Services Joensuu



kaki.1.jpgSilence travel is ideal for small groups organised by small tourism services. It includes individual, personal, friendly service, healthy and tasty local food, sustainable use of the environment, clean and cosy service environments and well-managed, guided outdoor trails. In addition to natural environments, silence travel can take us to special oases of silence in inhabited and urban environments, such as parks, gardens and monasteries.



Whispering Flowers and Clanging Bells


This soundscape journey begins at the Botania botanical garden, where visitors can see, touch and taste sounds, scents and shapes on a guided tour. The tour then continues through the New Valamo Monastery. As they slowly pass through, the visitors focus on listening to the sounds of work and everyday life at the monastery.
Price: EUR 42/person (minimum group size 15 persons)

Steps into Silence
The “Steps to Silence” retreat of the New Valamo Monastery includes guided activities that offer visitors the opportunity and setting required to seek healing and nurturing silence.
Times 30 March - 1 April and 18-20 September 2015
Prices from EUR 228/person, incl. the course programme, single-room accommodation at the Valamo Institute hotel and meals.
Reservations and further information: Valamo Institute, tel. +358 (0)17 570 1401,

Ears-first into the Tropics
The Botania botanical garden and butterfly garden form an urban oasis of silence in the vicinity of central Joensuu, far from the roar of the motorways. The shores of Lake Pyhäselkä, the natural landscape around Linnunlahti bay and the arboretum fill the area with the sounds of silence. A guided tour begins in a green outdoor garden and natural soundscape, moving into exquisite indoor soundscapes that stimulate all five senses. In the tropical warmth of the botanical garden, visitors learn about the acoustic phenomena of tropical forests, experiencing them for themselves through a 5 speaker system. There is also time for a tropical butterfly retreat, accompanied by the gentle murmur of a running stream.
Price: EUR 80/group
(maximum group size 10 persons) Price valid starting from 1.4.2015.
Additional services: Inquire about other theme tours at Botania.

Further information and reservations:
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