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Silence Travel Services Ilomantsi

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kaki.1.jpgHow would you like to gather herbs and cook a peaceful dinner, learn handicrafts and enjoy exercise, observe farm and wild animals, learn to control your body and mind, enjoy pampering treatments, sleep outdoors by a lake or in a forest, a garden or another green oasis, pick berries, walk in the wilderness, row a boat or steer a canoe, or experience a butterfly retreat or a meditation accompanied by the sounds of the kantele, a traditional Finnish instrument?



Scenic Cruise on the Koitajoki River

Go with the flow and enjoy!
Running in both Finland and Russia, the Koitajoki river provides an excellent chance to become familiar with Karelia’s varied natural landscape. The river includes both churning rapids and large lakes. Our scenic cruise will take you along these waters on a motorised pontoon raft.

This accessible raft has an even bottom and carries 12 persons in addition to the captain.

The tour begins at the Möhkön Manta cafeteria in the Möhkö village, where we put on weatherproof clothing before embarking on the cruise. Based on the group’s preferences, we trace the slow Koitajoki river and marvel at the riverside scenery as we move towards Lake Nuorajärvi. You can also try your luck at fishing, by trolling on the river. Fishers need a valid fishing licence from the Finnish state. We will also pack food and – depending on the weather – cold or hot drinks. Our return schedule to Möhkö can be tailored to your wishes.
Price: EUR 75/hour (for groups of 1-12 people), incl. the programme, the raft, its captain and the necessary safety equipment, trolling gear, snacks for the cruise, liability insurance.
Time: 1 June - 30 September 2015; weather permitting!
Additional services: We recommend a visit to the Möhkö Iron Works museum.

Awareness of Nature and Self – Harnessing Energy
A retreat for enjoying nature and silence through rest and movement. The course includes guided
meditations, using various techniques and exercises to sense the energy of nature. We will reinforce our connection to ourselves and nature’s greater wisdom, taking account of the season and the weather.
Price: EUR 190/person/day, incl. instruction and full board and lodging at the Möhkön Rajakartano manor 2-5 days (groups of 6-12 persons)
Cow Camp

Do you want to learn how to milk a cow? Or maybe you would like to groom a calf, give it milk and walk it to the pasture on a leash? Or drive cows back from the pasture at sunset? Or would you simply like to get to know friendly farm animals and their lives, and spend an active holiday with a difference? Our Cow Camp offers all this, and much more! The Camp is for everyone who is interested in cows and farm life, regardless of age. Eastern Finncattle, a breed of cattle originating in the area, is the star of the camp, but we also spend time with sheep, goats, chickens and occasionally horses. We also make cheese using the milk of Eastern Finncattle. Those interested in cow breeds can learn more about Eastern Finncattle.
Price: EUR 275/person, EUR 20 reduction for siblings, (groups of 20 people)


Further information and reservations:
Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
tel. +358 400 240 072



Treatments in Silence

Hush - be silent, stop for a while. Take some time for yourself, listen to your own thoughts, discover what you want. Listen to your heart, be present in the moment, feel the power of being present. Be yourself for a moment, allow peace to surround you... simply be there – hear – listen...

• Crystal Bowl Treatment / Drum Relaxation
Sound and music have physical, mental and emotional effects on the human body. Each cell in our body resonates at its own, unique frequency. Crystal bowls and the soft vibration of the drum balance your natural vibration, restoring it to a healthy state. Sound waves relax and harmonise the body all the way down to cell level, while the sound of the bowls soothes your brain waves. Let soft vibrations soothe your mind and body.
Individual treatments EUR 30/around 30 minutes. Group prices according to group size. Request an offer!

 • Energy Treatment
A gentle treatment delivered with love, in which the treatment giver passes good, healing, loving energy onto you. This treatment provides everyone with what is meant just for them. It includes a room in which you can listen to your inner silence, journey into yourself and discover who you really are. This treatment can open new doors and opportunities on your personal road to silence, if you’ll just let it sweep you away. It will also relax and harmonise both mind and body.
Treatment duration 1 hour/EUR 50.

• Aromatherapy
A gentle full-body massage to relax your body and mind, using clean 100% ether essential oils and organic-quality basic oils, according to your needs. The treatment is provided in silence; there is no talking, and the room may be filled with music, natural sounds or silence.
Treatment duration 1 hour/EUR 60.

• Shiatsu
Based on traditional Chinese medicine, this treatment involves pressure on and stretching of the meridians, or the pathways through which energy flows within the body. The treatment is performed on a futon mattress on the floor in silence; there is no talking and the room may be filled with music, natural sounds or silence.
Treatment duration about 90 minutes/EUR 58.


•  Kantele Music at the Bard's House
Stop by the Bard’s House to hear the tinkling sounds of the kantele, a traditional Finnish instrument. A tour of the Bard’s House and a kantele concert. After the tour, visitors are free to explore the Parppeinvaara Bardic Village independently.
Price: EUR 40/group (June–August) or EUR 70/group (September–April) and EUR 5/person, children aged 7-15 EUR 3/person (minimum group size 10 persons)

• Tree of Life Workshop
The Karelian ritual cloth, the käspaikka, often depicts the tree of life, a symbol found in cultures around the world. In the Tree of Life Workshop, visitors can familiarise themselves with the Karelian visual style and create their own tree of life. What is included in your tree? After the workshop, visitors are free to explore the Parppeinvaara Bardic Village independently.
Price: EUR 60/group (June–August) or EUR 90/group (September–April) and EUR 5/person, children aged 7-15 EUR 3/person (minimum group size 10 persons)