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Guesthouse to guesthouse


Tours in Karelia

Four guesthouses situated in North Karelia have been co-operating for over 10 years in order to bring the Karelian culture and traditions known to the travellers. In the past few years they have made the co-operation even tighter by planning new products. They have developed a special Guesthouse to guesthouse product family. They have various tours in all seasons. The most popular tour has been skiing tour from guesthouse to guesthouse. In this product family are now also included herbal tour from guesthouse to guesthouse and biking or canoeing from guesthouse to guesthouse.
Take a look at the four guesthouses on the way!

"From guesthouse to guesthouse" tours chosen as Finland's
best food tourism product 2015    >>read more




WHO WE ARE - Families and owners 

 nauha kuvat.png

Puukarin Pysäkki
The owners are Anni and Jarno Korhonen
The Guesthouse 'Majatalo Puukarin Pysäkki' rests in the Valtimo council nestled between northern tree covered hills. In addition to the beautiful log-built main building, there are also the Pihapirtti cabin and Vierastalo Rinteelä cabin. The guesthouse sleeps 20+6 people. Downstairs in the main building, a warm sauna and an exotic bath barrel always welcome guests to relax a little. The smoke sauna and the sturdy log cabin sauna are warmed up for the guests upon request.The eatery Pysäkin Pirtti offers seating for 40-60 people.The surrounding nature spreads out beautifully right before your eyes from on top of the Paalajanvaara hill's lookout spot.

The food Puukarin Pysäkki serves is prepared making the most of the Karelian cooking traditions. They use organic ingredients and prefer home-grown products. They have been rewarded many times for their excellent cuisine.

Laitalan Lomat
The owners of Laitalan Lomat are Henna and Pasi Nevalainen. Laitalan Lomat Countryside Holidays offers accommodation, food and various program services. They have accommodation for 35 people during winter and 60 in summer.
In addition, the enterprise is popular for family celebrations and camping venues.
Dining takes place in the Main Log House (first built in the early 1900’s).
The Log House seats for 80 people plus in the summer the covered front terrace offers 20 more seats, total 100 customers can have feasts in the house. Evening snacks may be offered at the Dancing Pavilion or in kota (wooden teepee).
Laitalan Lomat is best known for their lovely pets, reindeers!
During summer they offer visits to their reindeer farm and in winter reindeer sleigh rides by own reindeers.

The owner of Pihlajapuu is Äksyt Ämmät Ltd., Minna Murtonen.
Guest House Rowan Tree (Pihlajapuu) is a traditional log house which used to be a village school but has now been lovingly renovated for it's new purpose, welcoming international visitors. There are ten bedrooms, seven rooms upstairs and three rooms downstairs, and bed places up to fifteen persons. There are lounges and balconies as well as a Finnish sauna heated with a log fire. The kitchen provides fresh local food. Rowan Tree is hosting holidays and tours around the year. Hiking, biking, canoeing, skiing and snowshoeing are the main activities! The owners of the house have many times been rewarded for their initiative work in travel business and environmental protection.

Männikkölän Pirtti
The owner of Männikkölän Pirtti is Ritva Ryttyläinen. Männikkölän Pirtti offers banquet and catering services for special events at customer’s home or at their own cosy house Männikkölän Pirtti. They have bed places for 8 persons in the house across the yard. Männikkölän Pirtti’s ambient and pleasant dining facilities offer a comfortable setting and atmosphere for meetings, conventions and family festivities. Karelian food is prepared from locally raised ingredients. Männikkölän Pirtti is well-know for its delicious Karelian pies.   

>> Photos kapy.pngGuesthouse to guesthouse tours






From guesthouse to guesthouse wild herbal tour
We have pure and fresh wild vegetables and herbs growing in nature, in forests, meadows and forest fields. We use them in cooking, health caring and for beauty purposes. During this tour you also get to know the Finnish culture and the locals.   
 >> read more       



Järvellä, joella ja koskella: Majatalosta majataloon pyöräillen ja meloen, kuva 1 From guesthouse to guesthouse cycling and canoieng 
This tour offers you a nice mixture of a relaxing and an active holiday,
sauna and a good night sleep after canoeing and biking. In June the summer
has just begun. Everything is green and bloomy. In August and in September it is possible to pick up berries and mushrooms. Karelian kitchen with fish, vegetables, mushrooms and berries is waiting for you. Just relax and enjoy the Finnish summer
and white summer nights.   >> read more



From guesthouse to guesthouse cycling tour
Welcome to bike without rush in your own rhythm. Enjoy the Karelia à la carte food.
This tour is the summer version of skiing tour from guesthouse to guesthouse.
Welcome to bike without rush in your own rhythm. Enjoy the Karelia à la carte food.
This tour leads you from Puukarin Pysäkki, in Valtimo to Männikkölän Pirtti,
in the shore of lake Pielinen in Nurmes. The cosy athmospäre of the guesthouses and the love countryside landscape pamper your senses. The biking distance altogether
is about 100-200 km depending on what route you will choose.  >> Read more


Tehtävää luonnossa: Majatalosta majataloon hiihtovaellus 2015, kuva 1





Cross country skiing tour from guest house to guest house
Set out for a tour by ski to the idyllic countryside of North Karelia. Snow, white forests and frozen lakes; February and March are the best times of the year for skiing in North Karelia.The sun is shining, the snow glistens, the frozen lakes and hills are covered with a thick coat of snow. 
>> read more



From Guesthouse to guesthouse Finnish Cuisine tour 
Finnish cuisine is notable for generally combining traditional country fare and haute cuisine with contemporary continental style cooking. Fish and meat play a prominent role in traditional Finnish dishes from the western part of the country, while the dishes from the eastern part, for example Karelia, have traditionally included various vegetables and mushrooms. >> read more