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Families with children

Mukulakatu, Carelicum in Joensuu
The street of Mukulakatu on the ground floor of Carelicum, in conjunction with the Museum of North Karelia, is the children’s very own town of fairytales and adventures. The whole family can visit and have a good time with others. The wooden town has houses, alleys, a market place and a landing pier – all filled with life and exciting backstories. And, best of all, it’s all been made with children in mind. The puppet theatre, storytelling sessions and roleplaying in Mukulakatu will definitely be remembered for a long time.

Botanical Gardens Botania in Joensuu
The botanical garden and the tropical butterfly garden are open all year round. Approximately 700 species of plants collected in the greenhouse are divided into 4 climatic zones: the tropics, the seasons, a subtropical monsoonal climate and the desert. In the open-air garden there are close to a thousand different species of spicy, edible, poisonous, remedial and even decorative palnts. In the tropical forest the parrots named Juuso, Lasse, Ilmari, Veera and Väiski chat with visitors. Durind the summer and even autumn the tropical butterflies of Botania fly around in their own zone.

Kitee Zoo in Kitee
The fourth largest zoo in Finland is situated in Kitee. Experience it all when walking along the 2km long main path of the zoo. There are 50 different species of animal and on the whole there are about 200 animal inhabitants in the zoo. Local fauna is present in the form of bears and lynxes, to mention a few. In addition to all that, there are a lot of exotic animals from all over the world.

Mesikkä Animal Museum in Ilomantsi
The animal museum Mesikkä was opened in 2011 and is situated behind the rune singer’s cottage in the village of Parppeinvaara. The museum was founded from the private collection of stuffed animals collected by Mr. Heimo Rautava, a school teacher. (Earlier his collection had been located in the former Wilderness and Animal Museum in Ilomantsi.) The visitors can familiarize themselves with the typical representatives of North Karelian fauna, gorgeous scenery and listen to the sounds of wild nature. Visitors may also see pine forests and swamps for some flora. Learn about folk beliefs, listen to the sounds of cranes and have a peek into the lair of a bear.

Experience Yard PikkuKili in Lieksa
In the center you can familiarize yourself with several species of animals – up to 250 animals in the summer. In this animal zoo there are tiny guinea pigs, huge emu ostriches and even exotic llamas. There is a great beach with cozy wooden huts not too far away, one may have a barbeque there. There’s a kiosk with a large terrace where visitors may enjoy freshly-baked doughnuts while gazing at the lovely hill views. The bravest travelers may try climbing up the 22-meter-high tower where you can look at the magnificent views towards the hilltops of Koli and the border to Russia.

Museum of Dolls and Teddy Bears in Ilomantsi
In the display of the museum you can see dolls and teddy bears of local and other North Karelian toy collectors. The collection consists of more than 3000 dolls, teddy bears and toys, the oldest of which date from the 1920s.

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