Winter Activities

North Karelia’s numerous activities make it possible to have an eventful vacation. During the wintertime you have an exceptional opportunity to go snowshoeing in Koli’s magnificent landscapes or try to steer a dogsled.

Dog sledding
Spend an unforgettable day with the dogs in the middle of the beautiful North Karelian nature such as Ruunaa’s rapids. During the day we learn to harness the dogs, learn to steer the sled, and go through the safety matters. Come enjoy the beautiful landscapes and meals in the wilderness!

Downhill Skiing
North Karelia’s snowy hills invite you and your friends to experience an unforgettable skiing winter adventure. Koli’s wide range of hills let you choose a challenge for your own taste. Spend a winter day downhill skiing; enjoy the speed and the feel of freedom. Come to Koli to enjoy the snowy hills and beautiful wild nature while enjoying your favorite sport. Downhill skiing is also possible at Mustavaara and Pääskyvuori.

In snowmobile safaris you get to enjoy speed, freedom and a hilly landscape. Snowmobiling is one of the most high-octane activities imaginable. You may also rent a snowmobile and all the needed equipment for personal use, if you want to cruise alone. In order to drive snowmobiles on terrain, you’ll need to at least 15 years old. Driving on official snowmobile routes and streets requires a T-class driver’s license at a minimum.

North Karelian terrain is made for this type of exercise. The highs and lows of the snowy hillocks provide a fun form of winter exercise for all ages. Snowshoe tours are on offer all over the province. Come and experience snowshoeing in a safe atmosphere with a guide. Snowshoeing is easy, fun and suitable for the whole family.  |  |  |

Wild animal watching
A safe way to meet the large carnivores of the taiga forest is to spend a night in an animal watching lodge in the middle of the wilderness. During the nights you may see and photograph real live brown bears, wolverines, golden eagles and even wolves and lynxes. You will also get a chance to traverse the forests, enjoy the hot saunas and taste Karelian delicacies.

Live like a local
Do you want to see the real face of your destination? Then help is at hand, as there are locals who would love to show you their favorite places. May be you want take part of my day and make some local food, warming sauna, walking in the forest, shopping...

Many stores and specialized shops can be found in North Karelia. Large shopping centers such as Iso Myy and Metropol offer a wide array of services. Taitokortteli is a handcraft and culture quarter in the center of Joensuu.
You can explore small idyllic butiques in other North Karelian municipalities or find products from factory outlets. Pleasant shopping experiences.

Ice Fishing
North Karelia's fishing waters attract by their versatility. As all fishing enthusiasts know, fish cannot be found everywhere. Thus it’s very important to know the right spots especially when fishing on wider waters. Professional fishing guides organize versatile fishing trips all over the North Karelian region. Having a guide doesn’t guarantee a great catch, but they do know the locations of the best fishing spots – and they’re willing to share them with you! The right tools, the safety inspected equipment and personal guidance ensure a fishing experience to remember.  |

North Karelia offers a huge ski track network and wonderful landscapes. It’s possible to ski as early as October at the biathlon stadium’s freezed ski tracks. After the first snow has fallen, Koli opens the first snow track and from there the summer turns into winter. Lit ski tracks offer a challenge for the evenings and there are also ski schools for people of all ages.

Horseback Riding 
Horseback riding can be practiced in North Karelia in many ways. You can choose from guided lessons to short hikes or longer camps.   |