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Etusivu / Tickets and events / KARELIA ROWING TOUR 2017

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Karelia-Soutu is the biggest long-distance recreational rowing event in Finland. It has been held annually 32 times, each year attracting around 500-1000 participants. The course lies through the heart of the North Karelian Lakeland.

There are classes for all kinds of rowers: solo, pairs, families or even teams. These are divided along two separate routes; one for small boats (Ilomantsi-Joensuu, 200 kms/6 days) and the other for big boats, so-called church boats (Lieksa-Joensuu, 145 kms/4 days), with a crew of 14 rowers plus cox.

The Karelia-Soutu Event is a rowing event open to all, and is not a competition. The organisers provide a complete service allowing participants to concentrate on rowing and enjoyment. Each daily stretch of the route is divided into sections of a few hours, with breaks. During these breaks local village societies and businesses provide meals and refreshments. At overnight stops along the route saunas are available, and there is an evening programme of activities and entertainment.


Tour Schedule 25-28.7.2017

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 29 km rowing

7.00 Transfer via Elli from Joensuu to Lieksa (if accommodation in Joensuu/Summer Hotel Elli). Or transfer from Vuonislahti (if accommodation at Guest House Herranniemi) at 8.15 to Lieksa.
7-10 Breakfast at hotel Puustelli
10.00 Service at the Lutheran Church in Lieksa
11.00 Skippers’ meeting
12.00 Departure from Lieksa to Hiekkalahti
13.30 Coffee break at Hiekkalahti
14.30 Departure for Vuonislahti
16.00 Arrival at Vuonislahti, 500 meters’ walk from the landing place to Herranniemi Inn, where the saunas are waiting for you. The “rantasauna for women, the tent sauna for men and the traditional smoke sauna for both. Warm meal starting at 5 pm.
Evening programme “Let’s sing together”

Accommodation at Herranniemi Inn or Hupeli Artists' House

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 39 km rowing

7.00-10 Breakfast at Herranniemi Inn
Skippers’ meeting
10.30 Departure from Vuonislahti to Koli Harbour
12.30 Lunch in the Koli Harbour, at Alamaja
14.00 Departure from Koli
17.00 Arrival at Ahveninen, meal, sauna
Accommodation: Herranniemi Inn (transfer organized by bus) or Hupeli Artists' House

Thursday, July 27, 2017 39 km rowing

7.00-10 Breakfast at Ahveninen(transfer at 8 am from Herranniemi organized)
10.00 Skippers’ meeting
10.30 Departure from Ahveninen
12.00 Pause at Laiskanranta
12.30 Departure from Laiskanranta
14.00 Lunch at Kotiranta, Eno
15.30 Departure from Eno
Kaltimo locks
16.30 Arrival at Jakokoski; sauna and meal.
19.00 Rowers' own programme & dancing/ live music
In the evening transfer to Joensuu. Accommodation at Summer Hotel Elli in Joensuu.

Friday, July 28, 2017 41 km rowing

8.00 Transfer from Joensuu to Jakokoski
8.30-10 Breakfast at Jakokoski
9.00 Skippers’ meeting
10.00 Departure from Jakokoski
12.00 Lunch in Paihola
14.00 Departure from Paihola
Kuurna locks
Joensuu locks
16.30 Arrival at Joensuu, on the Island Ilosaari. The meal at Restaurant Kerubi on Ilosaari and sauna at Sokos Hotel Kimmel 16.30-20.
Accommodation at Summer Hotel Elli. Breakfast on Saturday morning.

The accommodation is organised along the rowing route as follows:

Mon 24 July Acc Summer Hotel Elli in Joensuu (and transfer Joensuu-Lieksa by bus on Tuesday morning) or at Guest House Herranniemi or Hupeli in Vuonislahti (and transfer to Lieksa)
Tue 25 July transfer Joensuu-Lieksa by bus
Rowing route Lieksa-Vuonislahti (28 km), acc at Guest House Herranniemi and Hupeli
Wed 26 July Rowing route Vuonislahti-Ahveninen (39 km), acc at Herranniemi and Hupeli
Thu 27 Aug Rowing route Ahveninen-Jakokoski (39 km) , acc at Summer Hotel Elli
Fri 28 Aug Rowing route Jakokoski-Joensuu (41 km), acc at Summer Hotel Elli

Package for single rowers:

Period: 24 July – 29 July 2017
Duration: 4 days/5 nights
Group size: min. 1 person
Rate: EUR 560/person
EUR 15 reservation fee

Includes: accommodation in a double room according to the rowing program (5 nights), meals according to the program, a rowing place in a church boat, transfers: Joensuu-Lieksa, Ahveninen-Vuonislahti-Ahveninen, Jakokoski-Joensuu-Jakokoski, daily saunas, participation fee, diploma & medal, VAT. Single supplement: 120 €.

Are you planning a rowing trip for a group? Please ask for a detailed offer:

Minor changes of the tour schedule are possible.


Karelia Rowing organization
Sirpa Sulopuisto
Tel. +358 (0)40 833 2133 

Tour operator:
VisitKarelia Sales Ltd.
Tel. +358 207 434 660

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