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Etusivu / North Karelia / Pielinen Karelia / Nurmes / Nature activities
Nature activities

National Parks and Hiking rouds – Get Refreshed and Relaxed!
At the same time you can enjoy the views and observe nature's miracles.

• People of all nationalities have the right to enjoy the Finnish countryside freely under the traditional Finnish legal concept known as everyman's right. Read


Hiking routes Nurmes

Mujejärvi hiking area
• Maintained by the Finnish Forest and Park Service, this approx 1500 hectare area is situated about 40 km north of Nurmes. In the western section of the hiking area is the almost 4 km-long and in places steep-walled Uuronrotko gorge. 25 km of marked trails, several tended campfire sites, lean-tos, a wilderness hut and a hireable
cabin on the shore of fish-filled Lake Tetrijärvi.

Peurajärvi hiking area
• 13 km of marked trails in easily traversable terrain in “Wilderness Nurmes”. Many tended campfire sites, lean-tos, rest cabins, bunkhouses and cooking shed. Trail linked to Hiidenportti National Park.
Tenting free based on Public right of access.

Raesärkät hiking area
• The Rae Dunes make for a day trip in a beautiful landscape of rolling hills. The hiking trail running through the area follows the old wagon route with its wheel ruts. There are rest stops at short intervals along the trail, which makes it very suitable to families with
children. In addition to the hills the dune landscape also includes bogs, crystal-clear lakes, meandering rivers and virgin forests filled with wildlife. Visitors have admired the Rae Dunes for decades and the area is a popular local recreation site.


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Other nature destinations in the vicinity

Ellu’s route (Ellun lenkki)
• 6.5-kilometre-long path starting from the Hyvärilä tourist centre. You can join the route from Bomba and Hyvärilä. There is a lean-to and a Lapp hut on the route.
• Manor route, begins at the Hyvärilä tourism and youth centre;linked by path to the Bomba area.You can also join Ellu’s route by bike or by car from Kohtalonvaarantie via Paavelantie.

• Fitness path (Kotilanvaara Hiihtokeskus)
• Shore roads along Lakes Pielinen and Nurmesjärvi in the town centre.
• Birdwatching towers in Vinkerlahti Lake and Suojärvi Lake in Saramo.
• Jouko’s path (Joukon polku)
A shortish lakeside path to the bird watching tower at Vinkerlahti,Nurmes. Departure from the car park for pleasure boats at Vinkerlahti.

National Parks and hiking nearby
• Koli National Park
• Ruunaa hiking area
• Tiilikkajärvi National Park
• Hiidenportti National Park
• Patvinsuo National Park

Maps and information:

Koli is the national landscape, national park, a tourist area, downhill and cross-country skiing destination, the highest point in southern Finland, a geological landmark, the merger of Finnish culture. site tells about the area's services, offerings and events.
Explore is a sister site of offers all Russian Karelia tourism offerings within your reach in all its beauty and all the opportunities.