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Heinävesi – a city of monasteries and channels

Heinävesi is a municipality in Eastern Finland known for its focus on tourism and beautiful nature. In Heinävesi you may find the only Orthodox monasteries in all of Fennoscandia & the Nordic countries – the Valamo monastery and the Lintula convent. The Heinävesi water route traverses via 6 channels and is regarded as a piece of Finnish national scenery.

luostari kesä 2.jpg

The modern gothic church designed by Josef Steinbäck is located in the Heinävesi centre. It is one of the largest wooden churches in Finland and holds up to 1600 people.

The largest lakes in Heinävesi are the lakes Kermajärvi and Juojärvi, both of which are clear and clean.

The Heinävesi water route and its 6 channels are a part of Finland’s stunning national scenery. The narrow waters and many islands along the Heinävesi route make it one worth remembering. The channels were built in the turn of the 20th century (1900).

Steam ships have operated on the route for over a hundred years.

Even now a tourist may take a cruise on the M/S Puijo from Kuopio or Savonlinna to Heinävesi, all the while admiring the beautiful scenery. The ship M/S Sergei cruises from the Valamo monastery to the lake Juojärvi.

Contact Information

Heinävesi tourist information

Kermarannantie 7
FI-79700 Heinävesi
tel. +358 (0)40 7101919

  • Founded: 1869

  • Total Area: 1319,57 km2

  • Population: 3638 (31.12.2015)

  • Distance to Joensuu: 75  km