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Lieksa war history



In The Winter War Soviet Union attacked from the direction of Lieksa by using the roads of Inari and Nurmijärvi. Russian troops were pushed back over the border by Christmas of 1939.  Some remains of the battlefield can still be seen in the landscape.

Interesting war locations in Lieksa:

  • Heinäjoki motti-battlefield by Lieksa-Kuhmo road, where the Russian battalion which was advancing to the flank of Finnish troops was destroyed 20th of December 1939.

  • Viisikko’s line, which is located at the road leading to Inari.

  • Puuruu and Änäkäinen battlefields in Nurmijärvi, and Salpa line’s front fortifications.

  • The road to Rukajärvi, where 14th division fought under major general Raappana.

During the Continuation War, two garrisons, German’s army maintenance center, air defense- and air reconnaissance troops were located in Lieksa.  From the beginning of the year 1942, Lieksa had at most 3 000 German troops located in the area.

One of the special characteristics of Lieksa area was the Soviet partisans who were members of a resistance movement which fought a guerilla war against the Axis occupation of the Soviet Union during the Second World War. During that time 21 civilians lost their lives and almost 50 soldiers were killed in the partisan attacks and chases.

More info available in the brochures below

» Rukajärvi front (EN)
 Die Rukajärvi-Front (DE)
 Le front de Rukajärvi (FR)
 Фронт Рукаярви (Ругозерский фронт) (RUS)
 Rukajärvifronten (SV)

Rajaperinnetalo in Lieksa (Venetie 1), offers guided tours.
Contact: 040 186 9119.

» Sight map (pdf)


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