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Ilomantsi war history

Ilomantsin sotahistoriaThe most essential War History attractions of Ilomantsi are Raappanan maja (Raappana’s cabin) and Taistelijan talo (Fighter’s House). Border General Raappana’s cabin is located in the centre of Ilomantsi. His command center, which used to be in Tiiksjärvi, is now located at Parppeinvaara. Fighter’s House is located in Ilomantsi and it treasures the memories of our last wars and especially the summer of 1944’s battles fought in Ilomantsi. House’s services include: War history exhibitions and weapon collections along with accommodations, meals and program and travel services.

Traces and locations of The Winter War battles can still be found in the areas of Kalliovaara, Käenkoski, Taivallampi and Lehtovaara’s Parissanvaara road, where Finns had defense fortifications. Russian soldiers were accommodated at Särkkä’s ferry location in Kalliovaara and the near Parissavaara area. The remains of Korsu-kylä (dugout village) are mostly destroyed but the actual defense fortification line can still be found in the terrain. The most interesting Winter War attractions are the battlefields of Oinassalmi and Taivallampi. War memorials are located in both of these areas.

In the summer of 1944, the battle of Ilomantsi along with Tali-ihantala, Vuosalmi, Viipurinlahti and Nietjärvi are the decisive Finnish victories of Continuation War. In the August of 1944 heated defensive battles were fought for over two weeks in the eastern parts of current Ilomantsi region. Finland’s forces stopped the advancing of two Russian army divisions. The divisions were encircled and killed as the Finnish forces utilized envelopment tactic called
motti. The fights left behind 3 200 killed, 3 540 wounded and 1 400 missing Russian soldiers. Finland suffered losses of 400 killed/missing and 1 300 wounded soldiers.


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