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North Karelia and theaters are inseparable. Choose your favorite play among a large selection!

The Joensuu City Theatre has its home in the building of the Town Hall. One of its activities is also to tour around the region. Every year about 12-15 productions are staged and 300 performances are given there. The number of theater goers is about 25.000-40.000 annually. The Joensuu City Theatre (also called the Regional Theater of North Karelia) is the only professional theater in the region.

North Karelia can be called the region of movies with a good reason. During the last decade more than ten film and television productions have been made in the region, and now North Karelia can be considered an essential scene for film making in Finland. Festivals and the meetings of professionals are everyday things for the region of film making. One of the service functions of Josek, the Joensuu Regional Development company is the Film Commission of Eastern Finland (EFFC), which provides cooperation for national and international film and television productions.

The cinema center Tapio, which was rebuilt and opened in 2005, is open all year round. The cinema has four halls with seats for about 650 viewers. Its predecessor, the cinema theatre Kino Tapio has worked in Joensuu since the year 1927, and it is one of the oldest original cinema theatres still working.

In the summertime regional cultural life can be enjoyed out in the open in courtyards, market places and nature. Lively theatre activities are maintained by 20 summer theaters. The spectator can often enjoy not only a high-quality performance but also the beauty of North Karelian scenery when attending. In summer eight open air dance pavilions of the region are also opened: in Liperi, Kesälahti, Lieksa, Nurmes, Outokumpu, Pyhäselkä, Rääkkylä, and Tuupovaara.


The Joensuu City Theatre

The Joensuu City Theatre operates in Joensuu’s town hall. The main stage is in the town hall’s great hall where various productions and many musical plays are played. The repertory also includes a lot plays for kids. (All performances are in Finnish).

Möhkö’s Theatre

Ilomantsi’s active and high-class theater life originates from two centuries ago, all the way from the year 1986 when Ilomantsi’s theater club was founded.

There are over 100 active members who participate in the 
theater activities. Every year on average about six plays premieres in Ilomantsi.




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