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North Karelia
Etusivu / North Karelia / Central Karelia / Rääkkylä
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Far away yet conveniently close.
Enjoy a holiday in Rääkkylä.Kartta-pyorea2.png

Rääkkylä is a community of islands, culture and enterprise that reflects the best traditional and modern aspects of the international world. In summertime the Paksuniemi Harbour serves tourists, boaters, campers and locals from the beginning of May to the end of September. Paksuniemi is situated along the boating route between Savonlinna and Joensuu

One of the most well-known events in Rääkkylä is the Kihaus Folk Music Festival in July. The Kihaus Folk Music Festival has been a regular summer event in Rääkkylä for twenty years. It manages to surprise even the most spoilt-for-choice urban areas every year, and it fills the whole village with folk music lovers every time. Children aLOGO-KIHAUS-RÄÄKKYLÄ.pngnd young people enjoy music in their own special music camps.

We warmly welcome you to visit Rääkkylä!

Please, take a look Central Karelia Brochure
Islands of the Northern Lake Saimaa

saaristo_logo_vari.jpegVarpasalo and Oravisalo are the two main islands of northern side of Lake Saimaa in Rääkkylä. These islands villages are known not only their strong folk music traditions, but also for the beautiful natural lake surroundings.

You can find more infromation about the nature activities, services and culture of the islands from their webpages.


Nature attractions

Birdwatching towersVuoniemen_lintutorni.png

Birdwatching towers in Jouhtenuslampi, Kiesjärvi, Ruokosalmi and Vuoniemi offer excellent opportunities for ornithologists. The newest bird watching tower can be found in Oravilahti in Rääkkylä. Oravilahti birdwatching tower on the map

The areas of Kirkkovuori and Vuoniemi

Kirkkovuori and Vuoniemi, both partially protected under the EU’s Natura 2000 programme, offer spectacular sceneries and opportunities to enjoy the beauty of rare plant species. Kirkkovuori and Vuoniemi on the map

Nature trails

There are nature trails in Saviniemi (4 km) and Kuismi (10 km), and a recreational trail in Oravilahti (6 km). Oppiaho nature trail (2.9 km) and skiing trail (Pötsönlahdentie 412, Rääkkylä). Maps are available from the recreational office (Kinnulantie 1, Rääkkylä).

The Apajalahti nature trail (2.8 km) circles the Apajalahti nature reserve in Varpasalo, Rääkkylä. Along the way you can see some of the finest black alders in Finland. Guided tours and food available by order.

Suursaari paddling routes

Choose from a 4-kilometre scenic route or a full-day 20-kilometre water orienteering route for experienced paddlers and rowers. There are also lean-tos where you can camp overnight.
Contact information

Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
Koskikatu 5, 80100 Joensuu
Tel. +358 400 606 946
Mon-Fri 8-16

Accommodation, guided tours, activities and tourist information. 

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  • Founded: 1874

  • Total Area: 699 km2

  • Population: 2490 (31.12.2012)

  • Neighbouring Municipalities: Joensuu, Kitee, Liperi, Savonlinna and Tohmajärvi

  • Distance to Joensuu: 60 km