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Far away yet conveniently close.
Enjoy a holiday in Kitee.

Founded in 1631, Kitee is the centre of Central Karelia in which a pleasant small town atmosphere exists side-by-side with an active countryside. In Kitee the peaceful Finnish way of life is combined with modern services and beautiful natural surroundings.

Nowadays Kesälahti is part of the city of Kitee. Kesälahti is situated between the two large crystal-clear lakes of Puruvesi and Pyhäjärvi and is without doubt one of the most beautiful and sunny communities in Finland. 

Kitee offers excellent opportunities for sport and leisure pursuits. The snowmobile tracks in the area are considered to be among the best in Finland. The 1,800-kilometer track covers the landscape of the whole province.

Kitee Sports Park, known by its more familiar name of Hutsi, provides a venue for almost any type of sport. There are different kinds of playing fields, a ski-jumping slope, a shooting range, a new swimming pool VesPeli and an ice hockey rink.
The town is also known for its pontikka (moonshine), also known as Kiteen kirkas - and for its baseball enthusiasm.


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Kitee & Nightwish

Kitee Museum

A collection of items related to Kitee’s history divided into different sections: Nightwish, border control, war history and Finnish baseball.

Kiteentie 23, Kitee,

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Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
Koskikatu 5, 80100 Joensuu
Tel. +358 400 606 946
Mon-Fri 8-16

Accommodation, guided tours, activities and tourist information. 

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Facts about Kitee
  • Founded: 1631

  • Total Area: 1724,40 km2

  • Population: approx. 14 500 inhabitants (2016)

  • Neighbouring Municipalities: Parikkala, Rääkkylä, Savonlinna and Tohmajärvi

  • Distance to Joensuu: 67km