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Etusivu / North Karelia / Central Karelia / Kitee / Attractions in Kitee
Sights and attractions in Kitee


Pajarinhovi Aquapark

The biggest waterpark in Eastern Finland. Open all year, Pajarinhovi Aquapark offers fun and excitement for both adults and children.

See the Pajarinhovi website for tickets and opening hours.

Pajarinniementie 1, Puhos, puh. +358 (0) 207 425 770,,


Kitee Zoo

Kitee Zoo is the fourth biggest zoo in Finland and is open all year. Along the 2-kilometre scenic trail visitors can see around 200 animals and 50 different species.

Pajarinniementie 1, Puhos, puh. +358 (0) 207 425 770,,



Vespeli Sports and Swimming Hall

Vespeli in Hutsi, Kitee, is a sports and swimming hall that includes a gym and group exercise facilities. There is also a café that serves soft drinks, coffee, snacks and sweets.

Urheilutie 7, Kitee, puh. 040 105 1168 (Uinninvalvonta),
040 105 1167 (Lipunmyynti)




Puhos and the Puhos larch forest

The stretch of land between the Puhoslahti bay and Puhoslampi lake is an important site of early industrialisation in Finland. Some of the oldest mills in Kitee were situated by the Puhoksenkoski rapids, and both a mill and hydropower plant are still located there.

Puhos is also home to the oldest and largest larch forest in Finland.The forest was established by Nils Ludvig Arppe in the 1840s to supply wood for shipbuilding. The forest subsequently spread along both sides of the Kantatie road that leads to Savonlinna.

An annual heritage event is held in Puhos in July: www.puhoksenperinnepäivä, and guided tours of the area are available for groups:




Stone Church of Kitee

The stone church in Kitee was consecrated in 1890. The alter wall is reminiscent of an iconostasis and features a painting by B. Lagerstam depicting the holy communion as a reproduction of the original painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

Savikontie 5, Kitee, puh. +358 (0)13 684 8511,,


Holy Trinity Church of Kitee

This quite newly-built Orthodox Church was designed by architect Sirkka Sortti.

Open by agreement.

Valamontie 4, Kitee,, 
Kiteen.kirkko 014.jpg

Museums in Kitee

Kitee Museum: A collection of items related to Kitee’s history divided into different sections: Nightwish, border control, war history and Finnish baseball. Regular opening hours in summertime. Other times by agreement.  Address: Kiteentie 23, Kitee,

Savikko Museum: Savikko Country Shop is over a hundred years old and has been restored close to its original conditions. Regular opening hours in summertime. Other times by agreement. Address: Savikontie 37, Kitee,

Photo: Savikko Museum


Leo Karppanen’s Saiho atelier

The Saiho atelier in Heinoniemi, Kitee, presents the art of Leo Karppanen. There is also a pretty garden.

Karppanen creates sculptures mainly out of wood, but also out of other materials such as soapstone and iron.

Heinoniementie 27, Heinoniemi, puh. 040 770 3577,,


Memorials and statues in Kitee

• 150 years of steamships in Finland memorial stones
• Relief of industrialist Nils Ludvig Arppe and steamship memorial in Vanha Puhos
• Rune singer’s rock by the edge of the forest in Puhos
• Memorial to Elias Lönnrot in Piimälä, Potoskavaara
• Memorial to the Greater Wrath (1714-21)
• Memorial to those who died of starvation and memorial to Karelian victims of the Second World War in the church park
• Orthodox church memorial in Selkue
• Location of Lutheran church in Suorlahti
• Hullu Jussi digger at the railway station in Tolosenmäki
• Field gun 75K75 used by the 19th Division in the Battle of Kitee in the museum yard
• Memorial to the 19th Division in Korkeakangas
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