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    Area m2
    Makuuhuoneita kpl
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    5+2 henk
    999,99 €


All of our holiday cottages have been inspected and rated. We use the same rating system as Lomarengas, the nationwide brokerage service for holiday homes in Finland. The ratings range from one to five stars and are based on technical specifications, furnishings and similar considerations. Also the condition of the yard and availability of services may influence the rating.


***** An excellent holiday cottage down to the last detail that fulfils the wishes of even the most demanding holidaymaker and can accommodate the maximum number of guests in comfort.

**** A very well furnished and altogether high-quality holiday cottage.

*** A well furnished holiday cottage with an indoor toilet (may also be an eco-toilet) and shower. The majority of our holiday cottages have three stars.

** A holiday cottage that is slightly better furnished and more spacious than a one-star holiday cottage and usually with some modern conveniences. This is the second most common rating for our holiday cottages.

* A technically modest holiday cottage that is nonetheless tidy and functional – a “traditional summer cottage”. Despite the one-star rating, the yard may be excellent.

The minimum requirement for 3 to 5 stars is an indoor toilet, shower and plumbing. There are no other minimum requirements, so a high rating is no guarantee that the cottage will include specific conveniences. Therefore, we recommend that you read the descriptions carefully before booking.

If you would like more details about the level of furnishings or quality of the yard for a specific holiday cottage, please contact our sales service: tel. +358 207 434660 or  We are happy to help!

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