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Nature, Silence, Culture, Finnish and Karelian traditional food, Local way of life...

Where can you go nowadays to escape from the concrete walls and traffic jams of the big city, without winding up in overcrowded tourist resorts? Is there anywhere where you can spend a holiday which really does get you "away from it all"? If this is your problem, then Karelia is the answer!
Discover the unique hills of Koli, cultural and nature destinations in Lieksa and traditional Karelian sceneries in Nurmes and Valtimo. Listen to the enchanting sounds of the kantele in Ilomantsi and meet the Karelian culture in Joensuu.

Rock! Rock! Ilosaarirock-festival 12th - 14th Jul 2019.

Joensuu | Finland
Winter tickets on sale Special priced.

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