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Slow down in Finnish Lakeland, in North Karelia

Nature, Silence, Culture, Finnish and Karelian traditional food, Local way of life...

Where can you go nowadays to escape from the concrete walls and traffic jams of the big city, without winding up in overcrowded tourist resorts? Is there anywhere where you can spend a holiday which really does get you "away from it all"? If you are looking for a different type of holiday, then North Karelia might be just the right destination for you.

In North Karelia you may spend a relaxing summer holiday in a traditional holiday house located by a lake. The Finnish national lanscape that opens from Koli hills is of course something that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. For nature lovers our nationalparks offer great trails for day-hikes. Food enthusiast may enjoy of Karelian cuisine especially in Valtimo and Ilomantsi where you can visit a museum dedicated to Karelian culture.


 - Searching for the most iconic Finnish landscape

Searching for the most iconic Finnish landscape

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 - National parks of North Karelia

National parks of North Karelia

North Karelia provides excellent surroundings for recreation and relaxation for nature-lovers. Find hidden gems of North Karelia nature and wildlife!
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 - Plan you trip

Plan you trip

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