Enjoy a holiday in North Karelia!

A cottage holiday is an ideal way to vacation with your family. In the privacy of your own holiday cottage you can spend quality time together in peace and quiet – fishing, swimming, taking saunas and enjoying the Finnish summer at its best!

In wintertime a holiday cottage makes the perfect base for downhill and cross-country skiing. In springtime you can rent a holiday cottage andwitness nature’s rapid transformation from winter to summer whileenjoying great fishing. In autumn you can step outside your holiday cottage to pick delicious berries and mushrooms in the surrounding forests.

North Karelia offers its best for nature lovers. From your holiday cottage you can explore the region’s hiking trails and paddling routes, including its breathtaking national parks.


Easy-going cottage holidays

Rental cottages in North Karelia offer unforgettable holidays all year!

Rent yourself a holiday home in North Karelia and enjoy a cottage holiday at its best. Renting makes it easy and practical to find your perfect cottage holiday exactly when and as it suits you best. In the peace and quiet of your own cottage you can just be yourself and relax. The choise of location and comforts is wide, from a high-standard villa to a cabin in the wilderness.

A cottage holiday gives good value for money. The weekly rent covers, not just the furniture, but also pots and pans, tableware and bedding. In almost all the cottages a sauna and firewoods is included, as well as a row-boat at lakeside cottages. Sheets and towels can be rented on request.

There are almost 200 cottages to choose from, enough to meet the most varying expectations; in Koli as well as elsewhere in North Karelia and Heinävesi.


Motels, Hostels and Apartments

When travelling with a small budget, the best accommodation options can be found from hostels. The selection is wide from small single person rooms to even 10 people rooms. WCs, showers and kitchens can either be included in the room or shared with other rooms.



Hotels are a great choice when a certain level of comfort and services are desired of your accommodation. You may choose your favorite option of hotel  - from cozy family hotels to chain hotels. Both types are plenty in North Karelia.

On a vacation or a work trip you might appreciate a convenient location which doesn't lie too far from the places you want to visit. North Karelia offers hotels all around the region. Joensuu alone has many hotels offering accommodation to single persons and groups alike.

There are two Sokos chain hotels in Joensuu. Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel is located opposite to the train station. Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna is located near the Joensuu marketplace.


Holiday centers, holiday villages and camping sites

Holiday centers and Holiday villages offer various accommodation options, where you can try out various activities. If you want to try jet skiing, swimming or fishing in North Karelia, you can plan your vacation to be what you want.

North Karelia has many camping sites that have plenty of room for travelers with tents and caravans. Camping sites usually include: a parking space with electricity, a public toilet, shower and sauna areas, cooking place, chemical toilet and dirt water emptying sites. In addition to camping and caravan areas, many camping sites also offer cottage accommodation from camping cottages ro vacation apartments.


Countryside accommodation, B&B and Inns

North Karelia consists mainly of countryside. North Karelian farms and farmsteads are also a big accommodation service provider for travelers. Farm accommodation is a viable and idyllic accommodation option in North Karelia.

Experience the farm life. Live in immediate proximity to nature and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness that is the countryside.

Bed and breakfast accommodation in Finland offers overnight lodgings and breakfast. It is a cheap and easy way to get to know the local way of life. North Karelia has many B&B options, some of them are in the countryside, some may be found in the cities.