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in Finnish Lakeland

North Karelia is a unique meeting point of eastern and western cultures and religions. There are about 2,000 lakes and two thirds of the area is covered by forest. North Karelia is a place where the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala, was created and it continues to be a source of inspiration of many.

Koli National Park, the official Finnish National Landscape is one of the most famous attractions in Finland. You can for example, go wild animal watching, take part in themed tours, enjoy your holiday in a cottage, visit national parks and Karelian Villages, try rafting in a traditional wooden boat, or even cross the border to explore Russian Karelia. Welcome to Lakeland and Karelia!


Winter Holiday 2020

Come and enjoy your winter holiday in North Karelia

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Get to know different activities: Karelian pasty baking, guided kicksled safari, snowshoeing...

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4 Days Winter Experience in North Karelia

Get to know North Karelia with Mollie and Lilly

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Where is North Karelia?

North Karelia is easy to reach. Daily buses, trains and airplanes enable you to travel through Finland if renting a car isn't an option. Daily flights from Helsinki to Joensuu make it comfortable to travel even from far abroad.

Distances from Joensuu

  • Helsinki 437 km
  • Kuopio 136 km
  • Lappeenranta 234 km
  • Oulu 394 km
  • Rovaniemi 550 km
  • St. Peterspurg 392km