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The northernmost destination of North Karelia

Valtimo is the northernmost municipality of North Karelia. Typical landscapes are chains of hills and ridges, lakes and rivers, villages and wilderness.The municipality is dependent on agriculture and forestry.

Quietness, pure nature and wilderness scenery create for the nature tourists fabulous surroundings in the municipality of Valtimo. Elias Lönnrot, the author of the Finnish national epic Kalevala, praised the beauty of this region in his journey stories: “These districts are the most beautiful in Finland with their ponds, bays, peninsulas, necks of lands and forests. Welcome!” Here the Karelian cultural heritage lives strongly this day. The Karelian culture has been passed from generation to generation and in Valtimo you can still find people, who know the Karelian language. Come and get to feel nature experiences in Valtimo!


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Tel. +358 50 4066 122/Kati

Population2250 inhabitants
Distance to Joensuu & Kuopio140 km
Distance to Vuokatti60 km

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