Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]

Bomba Action
Suojärventie 1, 75500 Nurmes
Phone: +358 44 273 8680, +358 400 879 890
Snowmobile and ATV safaris, ice fishing and snow shoeing trips. Trolling tours on lake Pielinen, jet ski safaris, hiking trips and Flyboarding. For groups program services, hut dinners and coffee services.

Pielis-Golf Oy
Lomatie 10, 75500 Nurmes
Phone: +358 20 7466 785
Pielis-Golf is a beautiful 9-hole golf course, which is located in Nurmes, Hyvärilä Holiday Centre - in a shorefront of lake Pielinen. The services at the golf course include for example pro shop, club maintenance, dressing rooms, showers, saunas (by request), hotel and a fully licensed restaurant.

Youth and holiday center Hyvärilä
Lomatie 12, 7550 Nurmes
Phone: +358 40 010 459 60
You are welcome to come and try hyrlinki, which is Hyvärilä’s own version of curling. In addition, you can find many different exciting activities in Hyvärilä as well, such as basket climbing, Frisbee golf and giant fussball. Sports and multi-purpose hall PielisAreena is located in the area. In Hyvärilä, weekly programs take place during holiday seasons.  During winter time, you can find a well light ski trail and during winter break ice trails are in use as well. You can rent show shoes and Nordic walking sticks, sleighs and kick sleds are for the use of visitors with no charge.

Pielisen retki
Karjalankatu 4 (inner yard), 75500 Nurmes
Phone: +358 44 377 9334
Fishing, nature trip and food services, guiding, travels and food events.

Äksyt Ämmät Oy
Viemenentie 38/office, 75530 Nurmes
Phone: +358 400 877 085
Accommodation according to sustainable development. Ski and bicycle trekking on Guesthouse to guesthouse concept. Food services, meeting and event spaces. Other programs such as smoke sauna evenings, blazed salmon and variety of program services. Sports hall.

Design Airi Hietala
Phone: +358 45 784 040 65
Groups can make a excursions at the jewelry workshop or book a PowerJewelry course, where everyone can make a little jewel from silver thread.

Kinesiocenter Bomba
Tuulentie 10, 75500 Nurmes
Phone: +358 10 783 0407, +358 44 536 0056
Rehabilitation, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massages, Fascia- treatments, baths, LPG-treatments (soft tissue therapy, Lipomassage, Endermolift), Huber, Neurosonic –relaxation treatments, salt room, lectures, personal training.

Raatihuoneenkatu 7, 75500 Nurmes
Phone: +358 40 832 7907
Manage Better- courses to find own inner challenges and working on them, program services about power poems, -pictures and –music.

Ahonlaidan harrastetalli
Huuhdintie 7A, 75530 Nurmes
Phone: +358 40 570 3437/Katja Mäki
Horse-riding lessons in small groups, horse-assisted activities, horse-riding for disabled, coaching and courses.

Mannen Ratsutila
Lieksantie 83B, 75500 Nurmes
Phone: +358 41 481
Horse-riding services with calm and well trained horses, for all riders.