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    Bomba and the Karelian village

    The main attraction of the Karelian village in Nurmes is the Bomba house, which is a copy of a house build by Jegor Bombin in 1855 in Suojärvi. Suojärvi was part of the Karelian areas that Finland lost to Soviet Union in 1944 as a result of continuation war between the two countries, and Karelians were evacuated from the areas. The current Bomba house in Nurmes was built in 1978, its opening day was celebrated on the first of August. A full Karelian village was built around the replica to supplement the atmosphere and the experience of the area.

    Traditional Karelian building expertise were honored in making the replica of the Bomba house; it was built from long, round logs and no iron parts were used while making the flamboyant house. The ground plan was drawn for the replica by Vilho Suonmaa and Jarmo Santala, and it is done in the same module as the original house built by Bombin, although the replica is slightly bigger than the original house. Because the original house was built for a large family and their daily lives, the replica build in Nurmes naturally had to have some changes in its design; for example, in place of the cowshed in the original house, a restaurant was built in replace in the replica.

    Address: Suojärvenkatu 1, 75500 Nurmes

    In the Bomba restaurant you can taste the traditional Karelian cuisine, but also with modern twist. During summer time, you can also find a beerhouse and summer terrace in this idyllic building! The atmospheric house is a popular choice for different type of events all around the year, and no wonder as the traditional house provides a memorable place for any kind of event! It is also possible to accommodate in the houses of the Karelian village, which gives another dimension to your Karelian experience! On the site of the Karelian village, there is also a market square open during summer time, where you can enjoy traditional Karelian baked goods, summer vibes and the unique milieu of Bomba and the Karelian village.

    Walk along the Path of Silence to Orthodox tsasouna and get captivated by the surroundings

    At the Bomba region you can also get familiar with the Karelian history through Orthodox tradition, as there is also an Orthodox tsasouna, a prayer chapel, in the area of the Karelian village. Walk along the Path of Silence to the Chapel of Sergius and Herman of Valaam, and sense the unique feeling of the place. The tsasouna was inaugurated in the 1980s, and it was drawn by Erkki Helasvuo. The model for the tsasouna was taken from a tsasouna build in Ägläjärvi, which was also part of the areas lost to Soviet Union in 1944. Visit the unique place and sense the serene atmosphere around it! It is open regularly, and services are also being held in the chapel.

    Break Sokos Hotel Bomba

    Hotel and Spa

    Right beside the magnificent lake Pielinen, you can find an exquisite travel destination around the year. Break Sokos Hotel Bomba brings luxury into your life, as the newly renovated spa hotel gives out its best. How would you like to relax and charge your batteries during your stay?

    Spa Bomba introduces a new spa atmosphere in form of an experience spa. Sauna world and the pool department take you on a journey through Karelian and Finnish nature and tradition. Hot and cold meet in intriguing way, and the scenery of lake Pielinen is breathtaking at the pool department; it’s almost like you are one with the lake. How does a traditional Finnish sauna experience sound like? Maybe you want to spend some time in sauna Sampo, which decorative details and serene lighting tune you into relaxed mood? Or what about the sauna Kyly, which takes you on a journey to Karelian sauna experience? Or maybe you want to experience the mystic feeling of steam sauna Taivaankansi(=sphere), where you can listen to the mysterious pot telling an ancient story while watching the starry sky and enjoying the friendly heat? In the sauna world, you can also try out the experience showers, which will lead you to a journey to Karelian Isthmus, Finnish nature and the changing seasons. Forget everything else just for a moment, and let your imagination take over as you enjoy the atmosphere of this unique spa!

    The pool department pampers all your senses; the dim lighting warmly welcomes you to the spa, relaxes your mind and sets your mind to rightful mood. You can find pools to every liking; in the long main pool you can indulge yourself in massaging showers, or swim distance for more active swimming session. Hot and cold water pools sets all your senses on its toes, and in the outside pools you can enjoy the fresh air and magnificent scenery, during winter time as well. Lean your head back, look up on the sky and enjoy the scenery of stars or colors of the sky.

    In the hotel-spa you can also enjoy a fresh and delicious meal, as the restaurant Trattoria brings you to the flavors of Italian cuisine! Trattoria is a relaxed, casual Italian spirited restaurant where you can enjoy dishes made by fresh ingredients.

    Tuulentie 12, 75500 Nurmes
    Phone: +35810 7830 450

    To do in the area

    Well-being does not get forgotten at Bomba! In the spa-hotel building you can pamper yourself a little bit further with services provided by Glimmer Bomba. Glimmer Bomba offers traditional massages, but also physiotherapy, acupuncture treatments and dry cupping and many more treatments! In Karelian areas, hair was often seen as major part of woman’s attractiveness, and this does not either get dismissed! Hiushuone Tiina Elina offers barber and hairdresser services, as well as lash treatments.

    How does a speedy water jet drive sound to you? How about an exciting flyboard session on lake Pielinen? The versatile program services are in hands of professionals, all year around. If you want a little something more action for your holiday, Bomba Action will provide you everything you need for it. More information at

    Golf, minigolf or frisbeegolf, which is your favorite sport? No need to decide, you can enjoy all three of them at Bomba! Minigolf and Frisbee golf you can find at the courtyard of Bomba, and 9-hole golf course you can find about a kilometer away from the area at Pielis-Golf. The beautiful course is located on the frontshore of Pielinen. You can also try paddle boating in the area! If you are searching for peaceful and quiet location, search no further as at Bomba you can also have this type of holiday. Walking and skiing areas start right beside Bomba, and they will lead you to the quiet harmony of nature. Early winter time, you can also find a first snow ski track, so you can start your skiing season as an early bird before the proper winter starts. For children Bomba has a playground area, and during winter time what would be better than a tobogganing hill for some winter fun!

    Whatever season, you can always find something to do at Bomba!