Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]

Magic of autumn

Darkening nights and time for silence

When summer starts to turn into autumn, it is time for the nature to get ready for winter. Leafy hardwood trees change from vibrant green to all kind of different colors, from gentle yellow to passionate red and everything in between, before they get rid of their summer clothes and let their leaves fall on the ground. Smaller bushes change their colors too, and you can bump into any kind of color scale while walking around in the forest. Autumn is still a time when to pick up berries, as for example lingonberries are tempting you with their bright red color to pick them up and collect the vitamins they carry for darkening nights of autumn. Mushrooms are also nature’s treat during autumn times, and you can find all kind of mushrooms all around the forests. Forests are full of nature offerings and unique experiences, and Nurmes-Valtimo area is where to find them this autumn!

Versatile offerings of forest lands

Beautiful autumn days invite you to go on a hike or wander around the forest in changing nature. Early autumn days can still be quite warm, but the closer we get to late autumn and early winter, the evenings and nights get colder, which brings another type of exotic feel to your nature experience. The aspect of changing and transforming nature creates the most amazing setting for stunning photographs! In the Nurmes-Valtimo region you can find many interesting hiking and nature areas, where you can take your camera out to explore. Have you already seen the crystal clear waters at Raesärkkä, or the wonderful eskers of the area on which you can take some stunning pictures?

Versatile forest grounds offer more than just places for hiking, as the forests are full of different nature offerings even during autumn time. Autumn is especially time to pick mushrooms, and the beautiful pine tree forests are ideal hunting boletes, which are one of the most respected mushrooms in Finland. Pine tree forests are also the place where you can find lingonberries, and in bog areas you can search for cranberries that are full of great vitamins as well. Cranberries can be picked all the way until snow falls, and they actually are at their best after few colder nights when the temperature drops below 0 Celsius. Most of the mushrooms are sensitive to colder temperatures, but funnel chanterelle (winter mushroom) can be harvested until snow sticks on the ground.

In Finland we have this thing called every man’s right. This allows that you can pick berries and mushrooms from almost anywhere without separate licenses. But remember, only pick berries, and especially mushrooms, that you can absolutely recognize as edible and not poisonous!

Ruska – the changing colors of leaf trees and their play

Ruska time is often thought of as a season of Finnish Lapland. But, you do not need to travel all the way up to North to experience breathtaking ruska, you can enjoy it here in North-Karelia as well! Changing colors of ruska look absolutely stunning against the surface of the lake, and the islands of lake Pielinen create exceptional setting for ruska hiking with their high hills and diversity of species. Did you already know, that Nurmes is known as the city of birches? Birch trees change their colors beautifully during ruska as well, so you can even experience the ruska right in the middle of the city! The streets are full of color, as the city says farewells to summer and gets ready for winter time.

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Autumn is full of things to do and see in Nurmes-Valtimo region!

Enjoy fishing in autumn as well

Nurmes is surrounded by lakes, and even though the warm weathers of summer are behind us, the fishing season does not by any means end. Lake Pielinen with its wide open waters create great fishing opportunities as well as ruska (=autumn leaf colors) travelling. Spend the whole day at Pielinen and its glorious islands, enjoy the breathtaking sceneries and pure air. Pick the berries, mushrooms and other nature offerings with you and get unique experiences!

Fish population in Pielinen is versatile, so fishing can be done in many different ways. Pike-perch, lake trout, perch, pike and of course the famous vendaces of Pielinen are wanted catch from the waters. Whether you want to go strolling or throw fishing, or even set up a fishnet to collect your fishy treasures, Pielinen is a great choice for your fishing activities.

If the great lake Pielinen does not seem like a place for you, there are many other places in Nurmes-Valtimo area where you can experience the funs of fishing. Peurajärvi is a great family destination for fishers, and the hiking areas of Peurajärvi with its pine trees and sand esker areas are also easy to wander around with small children. Waters are versatile in the area, changing from clear lakes to small ponds and zigzagging rivers. The grounds of the area offer great possibilities for berry and mushroom picking as well, and ground bushes and bogs take beautiful colors during ruska time. Peurajärvi is part of fishing areas controlled by Metsähallitus, meaning that for some parts of the area (lake Iso-Valkeinen and Urtti Valkeinen) you need separate fishing permits. In the clear waters of Peurajärvi, you can try little bit more unique fishing methods, such as archery fishing and gigging!

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Hunting – Part of Finnish culture

Hunting is a part of old Finnish culture, and these days autumn is the main hunting time in Finland. In the Nurmes-Valtimo area you have a great opportunities for hunting activities, since the forests are blooming all around, but the services are still close by. Versatile and beautiful grounds guarantee a memorable hunting experience!

Metsähallitus has hunting permit areas that also cover some areas in Nurmes-Valtimo region. For more information about the permit areas and buying the permits check

The city of Nurmes has areas, where you can buy small game hunting permits. For more information visit the office at Kirkkokatu 14, first floor.

Hunting is a strictly controlled and monitored activity in Finland to ensure sustainable game populations and liable hunting activities. To get more information about hunting and needed permits for hunting in Finland visit