Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]
 - Bomba House and Karelian Village

Bomba House and Karelian Village

Bomba House and the Karelian Village cherish the Karelian building architecture and culture. In the area there are hotel and restaurant services, program services, summer market place, open air theatre and an orthodox chapel. No entrance fee to the Karelian Village area.
During summer time you can buy Karelian delicacies to-go in the shop Kouffi of the summer market place, and in the small shops you can find handicrafts, souvenirs and local products. The exhibitions and theme days of the area are also worth seeing.

Address: Suojärvenkatu 2, Nurmes

 - Wood Nurmes and the Old Market Town

Wood Nurmes and the Old Market Town

On the esker of the Old Market Town is located the protected and historically valuable Wood Nurmes, which is one of the best preserved wooden house areas in Finland. Most of the buildings date from the time period between the 1880s and 1930s. There is a beautiful view from the area over the lakes Nurmesjärvi and Pielinen. The best way to see the area is by foot, this way the fire protection passageways, birch-lined streets and lush urban landscape are best highlighted.

The best preserved area is between Rajakatu and Karjalankatu.

 - The Path of the Locoman

The Path of the Locoman

The Path of the Locoman is a tour for children and families with children, which represents the history of the railway area and old market town. The path starts from the locomotive garages and goes for about 2 km through the old market town to the Kötsi Museum. Locomotive-shaped concrete benches act as landmarks. The tour is supposed to be walked through with a map. Choose the map You like and take off for an adventurous trip! Print your map from:
 - Nurmes house

Nurmes house

The Cultural Center was designed by Architects’ bureau Helasvuo & Co. The magnificent lake and esker landscapes, which open from the interior parts of the house, are an integral part of the architecture of the building. In Nurmes House are located the library, museum, Hall of Hannikainen, Gallery Tyko and Kino Hannikainen. The nearby park of Elias Lönnrot is smoothly connected with the House. Temporary art exhibitions are organised in Gallery Tyko.

Address: Kötsintie 2, Nurmes

NOTE! The Building is under renovation

 - KOP museum

KOP museum

The museum is a time machine of the urban culture of Nurmes in the 1950s and 80s. Visitors can get to know the area through a photo exhibition and films. Come and experience the 60's hairdressing atmosphere at the Kop Museum and browse through old local papers.
Open Mon-Fri 10 am-5pm, throughout the year during the renovation of Nurmes House. Free entry. Kirkkokatu 20, Nurmes.
 - Nurmes Evangelic Lutheran Church

Nurmes Evangelic Lutheran Church

The church represents late Gothicism of 19th century. The church is the fifth largest in Finland, with a seating capacity of app. 2300. In the church there are scale models of the previous churches on the show. The church is open daily in the summertime as a road church. Address: Kirkkokatu 17, Nurmes
 - Nurmes Orthodox Church of Nurmes

Nurmes Orthodox Church of Nurmes

The church of apostles Peter and Paul was built during years 1958-1959 with the reconstruction funds. The church was designed by architect Mr Ilmari Ahonen. The church is open by advance reservation. Address: Kirkkokatu 31 a, Nurmes.
 - Church Ridge (Kirkkoharju)

Church Ridge (Kirkkoharju)

On the beautiful church ridge, which connects Nurmes and Porokylä, are located the war graves and memorial statue of fallen soldiers, old belfry and monuments connected with the history of Nurmes. The best way to see the area is by foot. Address: Kötsintie 2, Nurmes next to Nurmes-talo

Bomba area

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