Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]

In Juuka, there's a lots of valuable resorts of the cultural environment - however, most of them are privately owned.

In the center of Juuka, the nationally valuable resorts are the old municipality hall, club house of Juuka, community college, preschool, old youth center (now: the nursery of Puuhelmi) and the old pharmacy. These targets describe the development of the municipal structure after the land trading and building before the wars. The area of wooden houses has stayed extraordinarily harmonic and uniform - nowadays the area is called as Wooden-Juuka (Puu-Juuka).

Provincially valuable resorts of cultural environment are for example the estates of Nurkkala, Ritolahti, Harakkamäki and  the great- and niche Pappila. Also, the "headquanters" of the soap-stone corporation of Nunnanlahti, the White House (Valkoinen talo) and the House of Troup (Trouppin talo) belong to the provincially valuable resorts of cultural environment.

Regionally valuable resorts of cultural environment are for example the former school of Kopravaara (now: Furute freetime -camping), the cottage of Tuomela that is maintained by the society of Juuka-seura, school of Kannas, primary school of Nunnanlahti, the tsasouna of the saint prophet Elia and the building next to the tsasouna, without forgetting the village house of Polvela.

From the webpage of the Municipality of Juuka you can find an attachment, where have been gathered all the valuable resots. A link to to webpage below. - The Valuable Resots of Cultural Environment