Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]

The Stone Village (Kivikylä) is a renewed business center 13 kilometers away from the center of Juuka. In the Stone Village, there's several business premises where's for example offices of the local entrepreneurs, museum, restaurant and a popular oven -shop of Tulikivi-studio.

In the Stone Village, there's also the tourist information of Juuka, the brewery -shop of Koli, Kuvatupa Valonpisara -photography and art sales exhibition of local artists. At the lounge, you have an opportunity to buy local ceramics as a souvenir. In summer, there's also a bounchy castle for children.

Address: Kuhnustantie 10, 83900 Juuka

Tourist information: p. +358 40 104 2851, e-mail:

Brewery -shop of Koli: Open mon - fri 12PM - 4PM, p. +358 40 538 4793, e-mail:

Kuvatupa Valonpisara -photography: Tanja Soininen, p. +358 44 555 4589, e-mail:


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On the other side of the Stone Village, in the building of "Tulikivi", there's a Tulikivi -restaurant that is maintained by local entrepreneur, and a popular oven shop of Tulikivi-studio. From the back of the restaurant, you can also find a little shop of Kivikylän Herkku, where you can find fresh Karelian pies and some desserts to take home with you. Outside of the Tulikivi -building, there's a historic Museum of Soap Stone, a path to a viewpoint of a quarry and a barbeque hut in free use next to the river.

Tulikivi -restaurant: Open mon - fri 9AM - 1PM, Johanna Pajarinen p. +358 50 545 3516

Shop of Kivikylän Herkku: Open mon - thu 9.30AM - 4PM, fri 9.30AM - 5PM, sat 10AM - 2PM, Johanna Pajarinen p. +358 50 545 3516

Oven shop of Tulikivi-studio: Open mon - fri 9AM - 4PM, p. +358 40 306 3065

Websites of Tulikivi Company: HERE NB! Also in english.


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