Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]


Level of difficulty: Easy

The paddling route of the River of Vaikko begins from the Vaikkojärvi (the Lake of Vaikko) of Juuka. The route is almost 90 kilometers long and it ends to Kaavi. Along the paddling route you will face even 40 flowing rapids, but there is also spots which are suitable for beginners. In addition, there has been planted some value fishes in the River of Vaikko, like salmon trouts and graylings. You can buy fishing licenses from ABC Juuka (+358 10 763 7642) and Sport-Kone Halonen (+358 50 593 4933). There is also rocks from 1930-1950’s around the Vaikkojärvi, which guided floating logs to the rapids.


The tipi-like hut of Tamminiemi


The tipi-like hut of Tamminiemi stands next to the beautiful shore of Vaikkojärvi. The hut, which is made of logs, is for 30 persons and it’s open for everyone, but it is hoped that users could leave a little payment for the usage to the box in the hut. From the hut you can start paddling the River of Vaikko, jump to swim into dark-watered Vaikkojärvi, go to row with a boat which you can find from the hut or play beach volley in the field next to the hut. The hut is also rentable for private use from Markku Halonen (+358 45 186 3689).

Route: Drive from roundabout of Juuka to Juankoski for 19km. Turn right to Vaikontie, drive 2,5km and you’re on the shore of Vaikkojärvi.


The lean-to of Myllykoski -rapid


Along the River of Vaikko, there is an easily reachable camping spot, the lean-to of Myllykoski –rapid. The lean-to is suitable for fishers, families and friend groups. The lean-to is excellent place for freshening up: pack up your foods and snacks, fry sausages on the campfire and try your fortune with fishing!

Adress: Kotalammintie 1029


The Hut Village of Menninkäinen


In the shadows of hills of Juuka, on the shore of Vaikkojärvi, the Hut Village of Menninkäinen is for a person who’s seeking a place to calm down, relax and enjoy nature and silence. In the area of four hectares, the huts form a Hut Village: In the hut, you can find sleeping places with reindeer-fur, a campfire spot and equipments to make coffee or tea. In the Hut Village, there is also a few rentable granaries, if you prefer sleeping inside a house. The rent of the area also includes fishing licenses, canoe usage, fishing rods, cooking shelter usage and a sauna. In addition, you can rent a floating sauna, if you like. The rent of the area is 45€ for your fist night, and after that 25€/night. You can book a hut or a granary from Leila Tuononen (+358 40 571 5837).

Adress: Kotakyläntie 197


Area- and terrain maps of the River of Vaikko


Vaikkojoki (maasto).png


Vaikko -brochures for to watch and fold:

Watch: Vaikkojoki.pdf

Fold: Vaikkojokit.pdf