Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]


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Level of difficulty: Easy

The Peak of Napakallio is reached after walking for a bit over three kilometers from the yard of Koli Freetime. The path is wide, smooth, covered with grass and most importantly, it’s lit up if you want to admire the scenery at night. After steep rises you are rewarded by the beautiful landscape of Koli. While coming back down, you can relax your senses and hear the sounds of the creeks beside the path and the beautiful melody of a nightingale, for example. You can also continue the path towards Koli (the length of the trip is about 8.5km).

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From the same place starts a hiking path around the Valkealampi –pond, which includes both forest and a lake idyll. While traveling along the forest path, the route changes from wide to quite narrow, and you can go over the wettest areas by causeways. However, the rising spring water can cause your socks to get wet, if you are not using any waterproof shoes. In addition, the combination of a lake, a wetland, and a forest brings in multiple Finnish plant species in a small area: you can admire these treasures for example on the bridges along the route.

Path: Both hiking routes start from the yard of Koli Freetime, Kopravaarantie 27.


Area- and terrain maps of the Peak of Napakallio and the Trip around Valkealampi -pond


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Napakallio -brochures for to watch and fold:

Watch: Napakallio.pdf

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