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Level of difficulty: Average

Korkeavaara is a forested hill which has deserved the title of “The little sister of Koli”. The 3,5km long hiking route goes through the hill, and even the former president of Finland, Urho Kalevi Kekkonen, has hiked the route. The hill is 167 meters high, and there’s some steep rises and falls - the hiker can also come across large and rich blueberry and cowberry forests. Mushrooms are also a common sight in a boreal forest next to a shore of Pielinen. The breath taking scenery of Korkeavaara can be admired from the top of the hill, at the place with a campfire spot, a cooking shelter and an outhouse close to it. The surrounding landscape reaches even the archipelago of Paalasmaa. Also, there’s a geocache near to the campfire spot.

You can start hiking the route from the yard of old school of Nunnanlahti or right next to the hill of Korkeavaara, from Kokkolahdentie. After hiking the route you have an opportunity to go to swim to Pielinen - you can find an excellent beach for swimming behind the school of Nunnanlahti. The whole route is approximately 6 kilometers long.

Route: Start from Kokkolahdentie: Turn to Joensuu from Juuka, drive for 1,1km and turn left to Nunnanlahdentie. Drive 7,9km, turn to Kokkolahdentie, drive 170 meters and leave your car to the spot on left.

Start from the school of Nunnanlahti: Address is Nunnanlahdentie 964.


Area- and terrain maps of the Hill of Korkeavaara

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Korkeavaara 2.0.pdf (Watching brochure of Korkeavaara)

Korkeavaara 2.0x.pdf (Folding brochure of Korkeavaara)