Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]

The archive of the home region of Juuka is cherished with huge love to the home region. It is well maintened and continuously developing center of historic documents. Our archive of the home region is a trailblazer in our province - it is first of its kind in North-Karelia and even in the whole Finland.

The former librarian, Pauli Repo started to collect first materials in the year 1977. The materials were recorded in the department of home region of municipal library, until the space was full of historic materials. After this, the librarian Pauli Repo was chosen to be the chairman of the society ofJuuka-seura and he continued his work with the archive - it has to be moved to another place. First, the archive was moved into basement of the old health center: the space was quite small, 150 meters of shelf space and it didn't meet the requirements of the archive.

Cooperation: Municipality and the Society of Juuka-Seura

After the municipality hall was completed in the year 1984, the archive of the home region got modern spaces for its materials with no costs at all. Nowadays the space area is 67 square meters with 500 meters of shelf space. The archive is maintained by Juuka-Seura and the municipality of Juuka - the cooperation has went well and everybody are satisfied because of the continuosly developing, historic archive that we all have.

The mission of the archive is to record local archive-materials and spiritual traditions into use of scientists, students and regular citizens. The archive continuosly grows, thanks to local societys, organizations, companies, families and private persons.

In the archive, there are a lists of the equipments of the Parish- and Mill museum, like clothes and other objects. The material will be shifted into computers, to ease the finding of one certain information.

The archive of home region cooperates with multiple societys. Over the years we have cooperated for example with Archive of the Province, Province Museum and Organization of Finland's Home Region.

The materials have been classified into these groups:

  • Documents of Juuka-Seura

  • Object -lists

  • Diaries

  • Museum documents

  • Documents of the local newspaper of Vaarojensanomat

  • Other documents of local newspaper

  • Documents of societys, organizations and companies

  • Documents of families and private persons

  • Documents of local folklore

  • Documents of war-history

  • Documents of school and other education

  • Church documents

  • Environment documents

  • Photographies

  • Videos

  • Reel tapes

  • C-cassettes

  • Diafilms

  • Negatives

Every summer, former citizens of Juuka come to visit into their old home town. Until this people do not understand what kinds of treasures are hidden into the archive - for example, in the group of Photographies, there are already 20 000 units of material. Welcome to visit!