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Samimatkat - The Professional of Buss-Package-Tours


The local company of Samimatkat has organized package tours, group tours and charter traffic for years, all over Finland and Europe. The most popular targets are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and our nearest neighbour, Russia. Our dream is to create unforgettable experiences and memories and increase some welfare to as many people as possible.

Samimatkat can help you with planning a trip and we hope that our customers will tell us travel wishes, for example we could organize playing-, theathre- and other cultural trips to Finland and abroad. Let's make a customed tour for you,  conveniently from Juuka!

Contact: p. +358 400 817 458, e-mail:

Post address: Pykäläsuontie 5, 83900 Juuka

Office: Vanhatie, Juuka. Make an appointment from the number above.