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Welcome to Juuka!

In North-Karelia, on the western shore of Pielinen, there's a little municipality called Juuka with its 5000 inhabitants. Juuka is especially known of its nature and its variability: high hills, a wide Pielinen and the archipelago of Paalasmaa form a traditional scenery of Juuka. In summer, Juuka is a popular place for leisure living - here is over 1000 cottagers! In addition, Juuka belongs into the provincial center of Joensuu and into regional center of Nurmes.

We could say that the drawcards of Juuka are the nationally historic Wooden-Juuka, 11 different nature destinations, diverse selection of places to visit with local entrepreneurs, shiny Pielinen, the archipelago of Paalasmaa and a togetherness between villages, cottagers and inhabitants, with an easygoing Noth-Karelian touch.

So welcome to visit to our municipality, inhabitants, local companies and entrepreneurs and especially to our magnificent, beautiful nature!

Distance to Joensuu85 km
Distance to Koli39 km