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A heartfelt welcome to Ilomantsi!

Ilomantsi is a convenient travel destination, offering spectacular natural scenery for those who enjoy outdoor recreation, numerous sights and events for those interested in culture, and great traditional cuisine for food lovers. Listen to the enchanting sounds of kantele at the Parppeinvaara Bardic Village or let the silence surround you in our beautiful churches. Travel back through our nation's war history at the Taistelijan Talo, "Fighter's House" or discover the historic art of iron making at the Möhkö Ironworks.

Visit the Easternmost point of the continental European Union on Lake Virmajärvi and experience the proximity of the Russian border. Explore the magnificent Karelian nature in the Petkeljärvi National Park and along the hiking paths of the Karelian Circuit, or canoe along the twisting river Koitajoki through ancient forests. Taste our local specialities: Karelian vatruska and sultsina pasties, berry wines and liquors from the Hermanni Winery. Taste them all during your visit or bring some home with you in order to remember your wonderful visit to Karelia!

Population5200 inhabitants
Distance to Joensuu73 km (60 min)

The must-see attractions in Ilomantsi

 - Petkeljärvi National Park

Petkeljärvi National Park

The Petkeljärvi National Park is about 12 km from Möhkö. The Border Karelian nature of the park founded in 1956 is worth experiencing.

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 - Welcome to Parppeinvaara Bardic Village!

Welcome to Parppeinvaara Bardic Village!

At Parppeinvaara you'll find a collection of historic buildings based on the theme of local tradition. These include the Bard´s House with traditional music and exhibitions; the Border General´s Cabin, a war-time operational headquarters and a small Orthodox chapel. The Mesikkä Animal Museum is our latest object and the story of the exhibition revolves around the relationship between people and nature.

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Karelian Cuisine - Restaurant Parppeinpirtti

Karelian Cuisine

Restaurant Parppeinpirtti

The specialty of Restaurant Parppeinpirtti is their pie-corner or ‘piirakkatsuppu’ in which lies their own pie-bakery. There all pies are made by hand and with guaranteed freshness. The starters, such as mushroom-salad, smoked salmon and vinegar-vegetables are all made from fresh natural ingredients. The traditional Karelian cuisine includes a main course cooked in an oven. Karelian meat stew is brewed for a long time period and it served with root vegetables and potatoes, as was traditionally done in Karelia. The meal is completed with a berry dessert. The basis of all dining experiences here is built on hospitality and human interaction.

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Nature, culture and history in the easternmost corner of Finland - Möhkö

Nature, culture and history in the easternmost corner of Finland


Finland’s easternmost village Möhkö is located in Ilomantsi, close to the border of Russia. Möhkö’s best resources are its local strengths, diverse history, clean nature and the regional culture. Residents of Möhkö welcome all to enjoy the richness of the village’s culture and nature!

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 - Möhkö ironworks

Möhkö ironworks

Möhkö Ironworks is a place for the whole family. Time goes by unnoticed as one gets to know the history of ironworks, war events and the time when Möhkö was dependent on forest. The exhibitions are located in ironworks mansion Pytinki and in shop building Ambari. Pytinki Museum Shop serves customers.

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 - The Winetower

The Winetower

"From the top of the Winetower you can see a great panoramic view of Karelian hills all the way to the Russian side."

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