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Nurmes - the city of birches

The Nurmes region is situated in the eastern part of Finland, in the province of North Karelia. Truly unspoiled surroundings, pure crystal clear water and clean air. From vibrant spring and the warm and verdant Finnish summer, all the way to the beautifully brown autumn and the snowy winter, Karelia is a holiday destination beyond karjalanpiirakat_Nurmes.JPGcompare. Fishing, hiking and other outdoor recreational activities are really spoilt for choice here. The lakes abundant with fish, guarantee great catches throughout the year. The Bomba House and Karelian Holiday Resort, along with the Bomba Spa with its bubbling pools and baths, offer relaxation and invigoration whenever you feel the need.

Nowadays, Nurmes is primarily a popular tourist town where travelers return to year after year. Its idyllic wooden houses and the Karelian village Bomba make Nurmes an especially charming small town. Rad more about the attractions in Nurmes here. Welcome!

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Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
Kauppatori 3 
75500 Nurmes

Tel. +358 (0)50 336 0707 

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Nurmes citymap


Pielisen Karjala - region map



  • Founded: 1865

  • Total 1854,79 km2 in other words Nurmes is slightly bigger than Greater London. Area.

  • Population: 8278 (31.5.2013)

  • Neighbouring Municipalities: Juuka, Kuhmo, Lieksa, Rautavaara, Sotkamo and Valtimo.Distance to Joensuu: 121 km

  • Nurmes situated on The 64th parallel of latitude north,  For example Norway's Trondheim and Canada's Klondike are the
  • the Wooden Nurmes (Puu-Nurmes) is still exists as a reminder of the old grid plan. This area is very valuable and what's why, it is protected by law.
    • Nurmes is the city of birches; in the town centre we have more than 4000 birches.
    • Nurmes located at the northern end of lake Pielinen.
    Lake Pielinen is the fifth largest lake in Finland.