A Centre of Orthodox Culture

Valamo Monastery is situated in the municipality of Heinävesi, close to road no. 23 from Varkaus to Joensuu. Monastery is aesy to reach by bus, train or private car and it is about 65 km from the nearest airport, in Joensuu. It is also possible to buy complete package tours to the monastery by bus.

The monks of the New Valamo Monastery live a communal life of spirituality founded in the ascetic tradition of the Orthodox Church. According to the ancient tradition, the monastery should support itself fully. Nowadays, the main source of livelihood for the New Valamo Monastery is tourism: over 160,000 people visit the monastery each year. Visitors are welcome to visit the monastery for a day or stay for a night all year round!

For visitors, Valamo offers experiences in an environment that is beyond compare. Many come to the monastery to unwind and relax in the nature, to spend time with family and friends, or to learn new skills at the courses of the Valamo Folk High School Institute. The monastery is also a popular venue for celebrations, meetings and seminars.

Valamo Monastery
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