Stop & Breathe in Finnish Lakeland

North Karelia is a unique meeting point of eastern and western cultures and religions. There are about 2,000 lakes and two thirds of the area is covered by forest. North Karelia is a place where the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala, was created and it continues to be a source of inspiration of many. Koli National Park, the official Finnish National Landscape is one of the most famous attractions in Finland. 


You can for example, go wild animal watching, take part in themed tours, enjoy your holiday in a cottage, visit national parks and Karelian Villages, try rafting in a traditional wooden boat, or even cross the border to explore Russian Karelia. 

Welcome to North Karelia!

Winter at North Karelia in Finland

 Winter at North Karelia in Finland

Winter Activities

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Snowshoeing, snowmobiling and a traditional Karelian cooking lesson



I never thought i’d be lucky enough to experience what I experienced here in Finland back in March. The landscapes we drove through, husky-sledged through and dined in were some of the best i’ve ever ever ever experienced. I honestly lost count of the amount of times I said how happy I was and I was in awe of pretty much every landscape I set my eyes on.

If you fall in love with snow topped trees and snuggling up around a fire with hot food, drink and conversation in the same way that I do – you’ll be in heaven here.

In North Karelia, where we spend four days, the temperates dip pretty low in winter and so the adventure is all about wrapping up warm, diving into nature and then rewarding yourself with wholesome food – mostly always with an open fire crackling before you.  

By Mollie Bylett Posted 23rd October 2018  - In Active Travel, Finland, Luxury, Once In A Lifetime, Winter Sports

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Watch a 4 day winter adventure

in North Karelia, Finland By Mollie Bylett

Watch a 4 day winter adventure

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