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Valtimo is the northernmost municipality of North Karelia. Typical landscapes are chains of hills and ridges, lakes and rivers, villages and wilderness.

The municipality is dependent on agriculture and forestry. 
Also providing services is important.


In the Murtovaara Museum  you can get familiar with old buildings. The Murtovaara Farm Museum is an authentic farm dating back to a time when plots in state-owned
forests were rented out for living and farming “crown tenant farms”. Even today, it is still a house in the wilderness and can only be accessed by forest paths. See more Murtovaara Museum >> brochure


Studio Korpinoita
• An artist’s home and glass studio set in the wilderness. The large windows
of the former school make possible the creation of large series of
stained glass works. The totalities of the different spaces include “The
Paradise of the Gods” and the “Kalevala Room”, which is supplemented
from year to year. Open by agreement.


Valtimo Nature - activities

Hiidenportti National Park
• The Park’s best-known attraction is the steep Hiidenportti rupture
valley, where the rock walls drop vertically for as much as 20 meters.
Entry to the park is from the Kuhmo–Valtimo highway: there is a
route marker posted at the information board at Palolampi. There are
marked paths to the park at the parking areas at Käärmesärkkä and

Tiilikka National Park
• Tiilikkajärvi National Park is known for its beaches of fine sand, and
Venäjänhiekka is its pearl. It is located about 30 km from the Valtimo
church village in the direction of Rautavaara. There are signs posted
on the Joensuu–Kajaani highway and on the road from Rautavaara to
Savikylä >>

The Peasant’s Path
• The Peasant’s Path is a 45-km long hiking trail beginning at the Puukarin
Pysäkki Inn. It crosses Hiidenportti National Park and ends at
the Peurajärvi hiking and fishing area. Along the way, at Murtovaara, is
Finland’s only museum dedicated to settlement on tree-topped hills.

Neitivirta canoeing route
• This scenic canoeing route passes through a traditional rural and
village landscape. Further information: Yläkarjala Hiking Service,
tel. +358 50 592 6211.

Bird watching
• Lakes Kalliojärvi and Sorsajärvi: two bird lakes in Kalliojärvi village
in Valtimo. Lake Kalliojärvi is shallow, grassy and overgrown lake with
open water only here and there. The lake is part of a national bird
waters protection programme. Birds that have been nesting in Lake
Kalliojärvi are i.e. Slavonian Grebe, Whooper Swan and Little Gull.
There are two bird watching towers, nature trail and Lappish hut.

Pielisen Karjala - summer region map

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  • Founded: 1910

  • Total Area: 838,18 km2

  • Population: 2437 inhabitants (31.12.2011)

  • Neighboring Municipalities: Nurmes, Rautavaara and Sotkamo

  • Distance to Joensuu: 140 km

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