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Far away yet conveniently close.
Enjoy a holiday in Tohmajärvi.

Tohmajärvi is a modern rural parish situated by the EU’s easternmost international border crossing at Niirala. There are approximately 5 000 inhabitants that call Tohmajärvi home.Tohmajarvi-kartta.png

The “King of Karelia”, also known as Crown Bailiff Wallenius, founded the Jouhkolan Hovi Manor in Tohmajärvi at the end of the 18th century. The oldest wooden Evangelical Lutheran church in North Karelia dates back to the same period, also situated in Tohmajärvi.

The Niirala border is open 24/7. The Niirala border crossing offers a full range of services. All customs related matters can be conducted there, including taxation, insurance and temporary registration plates. There are about 1,5 million border crossings made every year via Niirala.

You are warmly welcome to Tohmajärvi!

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Nature attractions

Natural trails in Tohmajärvi

The Kemie nature trail (6 kilometers long) in the center of Tohmajärvi parts from the Music Institute of Central Karelia (Keski-Karjalan musiikkiopisto, Kirkkotie 16). There is map at the start of the trail and reading available along the trail about the plants and wildlife, geology and cultural history of the area. The trail is quite demanding due to the hilly terrain.

The Aconitum route (6.5 kilometers long) departs from the Tohmajärvi church parking area (Kirkkotie 590, Tohmajärvi) or from the Turusenniemi (Oravaarantie 516, Tohmajärvi). The Aconitum route leads the hiker to cultural landscapes (the church, cemeteries etc.) as well as to the Peijonniemi birdwatching tower.

Mikonpolku in Saarionvaara (2 kilometers long) offers lovely views, and there is a clean spring along the way. A new tepee was built in autumn 2012. The trail begins from the road "Pitkälammentie" (when you turn from "Saariontie" to "Pitkälammentie", drive approximately 1,2 kilometers). The trail is marked on the terrain with green fiber ribbons. 

Contact information

Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
Koskikatu 5, 80100 Joensuu
Tel. +358 400 606 946
Mon-Fri 8-16

Accommodation, guided tours, activities and tourist information. 

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  • Founded: 1869

  • Total Area: 895 km2

  • Population: 4895

  • Neighbouring Municipalities: Kitee, Rääkkylä and Joensuu

  • Distance to Joensuu: 50 km

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